THIS SHOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE - Satisfactory (Part 3) | Let's Play

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 6, 2019
  • We're back for more Satisfactory gameplay! This time, we go on a slug quest and accomplish something that we didn't think was possible.

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  • Raul Petrascu
    Raul Petrascu  1 months ago

    Pls do more Satisfactory, these are so good!

  • Bradley keen
    Bradley keen  1 months ago

    So is this series just dead then

  • D-m'n
    D-m'n  2 months ago +1

    sooooo part 4?

  • Jason Brosius
    Jason Brosius  2 months ago

    Part 4?

  • Panical
    Panical  2 months ago

    Moar satisfucktory!

  • Jay Veldman
    Jay Veldman  3 months ago

    As someone who has actually worked with rabbits, I can confirm that they are somewhat collapsible. My boss used to feed the other animals while carrying a baby bunny in her front pocket in order to help get them more used to being handled. They do kick a lot when you first pick them up though, those claws are big.

  • JunGull
    JunGull  3 months ago +2

    More of satisfactory please!

  • Lil Aussie
    Lil Aussie  4 months ago +3

    Hoping the next video is out soon, needing my fix :P

  • Woodierchicken 1
    Woodierchicken 1  4 months ago +1

    I cant be the only one that thinks this game looks like avatar

  • Robi Tribal
    Robi Tribal  4 months ago +1

    Jack distracting Gavin from the manta Ray was amazing.

  • JNutt22
    JNutt22  4 months ago +1

    now we just need part 4!

  • Pixeldragon95
    Pixeldragon95  4 months ago +1

    10:09 Peek a Boo

  • Deven Nasso
    Deven Nasso  5 months ago

    They are the bad guys from the first Ratchet and Clank. That, or the humans in Avatar.

  • Jay Veldman
    Jay Veldman  5 months ago

    Ryan, if you guys tame those lizard doggos they can bring you stuff, including metals and other resources- and they bring slugs! they bring slugs, ryan!

  • ANTREU96
    ANTREU96  5 months ago +1

    I need this to be a weekly thing. Please AH

  • Sarah Weisters
    Sarah Weisters  5 months ago +1

    Santa Yay. This series is fantastic XD

  • Raito
    Raito  5 months ago

    Ahhhh they keep talking about Destiny I really want them to play it again! Maybe when Shadowkeep releases or they can start Season of Opulence which lets you skip the Power Level grind and gives you gear that lets you play the new stuff immediately!!

  • Pieter Cools
    Pieter Cools  5 months ago +2

    Thanks to AH i bought this game friday and im suoer addicted, its such a amazing game!!! Thanks guys

  • FloundrrPoundrr
    FloundrrPoundrr  5 months ago +3

    This is one of the best LPs you guys have been putting out lately, keep it up!

  • Joe Dinmore
    Joe Dinmore  5 months ago +2

    22:03 Gavin running into that cave like the soldiers clearing graphite off the Chernobyl roof