$90 AmmoCan Survival Kit

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 8, 2019
  • Hydro Light - As Seen On TV - https://cnclips.net/video/iyiI2jzwlUM/video.html

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  • Wake Up Canuck
    Wake Up Canuck  3 months ago


  • Samuel Natal
    Samuel Natal  4 months ago

    Oh, and the flashlight.

  • Samuel Natal
    Samuel Natal  4 months ago

    I really like that knife.

  • Casper
    Casper  4 months ago


  • Jen cub
    Jen cub  4 months ago

    He said juce I heard vodka

  • Bernard Stander
    Bernard Stander  5 months ago

    The red light flashes S.O.S btw...

  • Frank Frith
    Frank Frith  5 months ago

    You should check out the M4040 survival kits. Much much better for the same price. You'd be impressed.

  • Beepboop Boopbeep
    Beepboop Boopbeep  6 months ago

    I thought this was going to be worth it until I saw all the birds nest. It isn’t really a complete kit..

  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter  6 months ago

    the flashlight is very neat!!

  • Gaming with PURG3 anarchy

    $30 worth hahaha

  • Luka Jebisashvili
    Luka Jebisashvili  6 months ago

    1:59 he calls vodka juice, just in case, u know he font wanna get demonetized

  • KingLT82
    KingLT82  6 months ago

    $10-$20 knife
    $12 ammo can
    $5 funnel ( stainless steel isn't cheap even on small things)
    $17 flask
    $12 paracoid keychain lanyard
    $11 flashlight
    Subtotal roughly $70, you can find everything on Amazon for the prices I have listed.

  • Ego adiuvabo te
    Ego adiuvabo te  6 months ago

    way to expencive for a "survival kit" without the importent stuff. i think its worth about $35 toghether.

  • The frog
    The frog  6 months ago

    I like the box and the flask.

  • Ryde Mk
    Ryde Mk  6 months ago

    Kind of a scam. More like a collectors item.

  • Αlekos TV
    Αlekos TV  6 months ago

    Good video but an ammo crate, a cheap mtech knife, a flask and a flashlight isn't worth 90$

    MO7SEN TO  6 months ago

    I really want one of these

    MO7SEN TO  6 months ago

    Love That!

  • NoobDies
    NoobDies  6 months ago

    Taras sees a ziplock, cuts the plastuc open

  • TheCooperman666
    TheCooperman666  6 months ago

    That's 30/40$ worth of gear at the most