How To Use the Translation Features of Microsoft Word

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 7, 2014
  • Do you have a Microsoft Word document that you want translated into another language? This quick tutorial walks you through all of the translation features of Microsoft Word, powered by Microsoft Translator. For a translation of the content of this video, go to:

    For more information on using Translator with Microsoft Word, visit


  • Dr Razak Nohri
    Dr Razak Nohri  a months ago

    I love this video. I have subscribed on the spot. Love to see same useful content again. Good look.
    Dr Abdul Razak

  • No Comment
    No Comment  2 months ago

    There have to be Spanish word for the English word software.

  • Pavan Sharma
    Pavan Sharma  3 months ago

    Please cover how to enable translate option if its greyed out and changes required for new languages,

  • Suraj Kharva
    Suraj Kharva  4 months ago


  • K.B. Umaa Shankaran
    K.B. Umaa Shankaran  4 months ago

    How can i check the translated document correctly or not?

  • irie irie
    irie irie  7 months ago +1

    I have no ribbon at top!! useless

  • Roland Andrée
    Roland Andrée  7 months ago

    before i have a translator word by word when i put my mouse on a word in a text it translate whith any lungage?i forgot it and i don't remember how to do?

  • Sita Murugan
    Sita Murugan  8 months ago

    silent hits papa speech thannampiki

  • Md Mostafizur Rahman

    Sir, can u help me, how can i translate CV English to any other language.

  • I.A almouty
    I.A almouty  9 months ago

    I have Microsoft office 2019 and I don't have 3rd option " translate to many language " as it showing in the video above so dear how can i have it

  • benzy blenaru
    benzy blenaru  11 months ago

    Is it possible to translate srt text?

  • Durgesh Pal
    Durgesh Pal  11 months ago

    how to convert from english to marathi because for marathi there is no option

  • Reggie Audibert
    Reggie Audibert  a years ago +1

    Not useful! When I click on translate entire document, a new window opens that asks for a URL. I have no idea what to enter in there, so nothing happens.

  • Kateřina Čechová

    My Word offers me only English and German for the translation. How do I add more languages?

  • Abb ey
    Abb ey  a years ago

    There is no Malayalam in Bing translator

  • Shazia Noor
    Shazia Noor  a years ago


  • Mirza Pakistan
    Mirza Pakistan  a years ago

    Dear its amazing
    to much help full
    I am Paksitani Boy and Thanks Dear

  • Michael Ganovski
    Michael Ganovski  a years ago

    only translated first page of a 6 page doc, tried over and over again. Not easy to use or not working as supposed to.

    HING-LISH  a years ago

    Is it in MSword 7

  • omar qoslaaye
    omar qoslaaye  a years ago

    good job