Comedy பண்ணாதீங்க ! | Director Karu Palaniappan Interview About Jakki Vasudev, Isha, Cauvery Calling

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  • comedy பண்ணாதீங்க ஜக்கி ஆன்மீகவாதியா ?இயக்குநர் கரு பழனியப்பன் !

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  • Vijay Jemelie
    Vijay Jemelie  11 hours ago


    MUGUNDHAN N  21 days ago +1

    BJP ethana pana
    Pesuvaru avlo ta

  • B Swaminathan
    B Swaminathan  a months ago

    Empty vessels make louder noise. What Mr. Karuthu Palanidabba has done to the society apart from empty rhetorics? Ask him to direct one successful movie now and then to comment on other successful people?

  • Srinivasan N
    Srinivasan N  a months ago

    உங்க அப்பா அரசியல்வாதியா..நீ சமூகவாதியா......அது போலதான்டா தம்பி.... எங்கள சுத்தி ஒரே திருட்டு கூட்டமா இருக்கு.

  • Aravinth Savarkar
    Aravinth Savarkar  a months ago

    இவன் என்ன சாதிச்சான்னு இவன்ட கருத்து கேக்குராங்௧

  • Muhammed Shafie
    Muhammed Shafie  a months ago

    Criticize, Complain, Blame...

    Repeat Above.

    Fake activists theory

  • Karthik B
    Karthik B  a months ago

    Irresponsible media

  • Logesh Waran
    Logesh Waran  a months ago

    I thought, karu palaniyappan is great director, after seen this interview I come to know he is a nonsense and stupid person. He doesn’t have that much sense to talk about sadhguru.

  • Shriram Ramesh
    Shriram Ramesh  a months ago

    Let's take this thing from YouTube. Human being distinct's themselves from animals from being decent. Let's report this to YouTube. Report it. They will remove permanently.

  • mosamana kettvan
    mosamana kettvan  a months ago

    இவன் தான் காமெடி பயன்

    SETHUPRABHAKARAN T  2 months ago

    Sari sari..... Sotha potu anupichi vainga ivana........

  • siva kumar
    siva kumar  2 months ago

    Ivana mathiri vaaila sollidu irukavana nambama iruthave pothum... ivan sonnatha ethavathu senchu kadadum apparam .. ivanuku mariyatha kudukaren

  • pradeep k
    pradeep k  2 months ago


  • Vidya Anantha
    Vidya Anantha  2 months ago

    Indruvarai oru manidhanukku payanulla aaniyum pudungadha neeyellam interview kudukara. Atha sirichu keeyltka oru janmam... Thuuuu

    MANIKANDAN J  2 months ago

    Ni poda dai

  • srinivas balaji
    srinivas balaji  2 months ago

    இவனுக்கு எல்லாம் தெரியும் போல இருக்குதே. பேசாம இவன எல்லாத்துக்கும் இலக்கணம் எழுத சொல்லிடலாம். அரசியல்வாதி என்றால் யார்? ஆன்மீகவாதி என்றால் யார்? என்றெல்லாம். முட்டாள்தனத்தின் உச்சம் இவன்.

  • Babu Parthasarathy
    Babu Parthasarathy  2 months ago +1

    shut up your drainage. He has to be treated for Diarrhea of mouth

  • Janani Prakash
    Janani Prakash  2 months ago

    அப்ப நீங்க?????!!!

  • Prabakar S
    Prabakar S  2 months ago +1

    Who is he? First time I am seeing his interview. Newsglitz don’t waste ur time as well as ours

  • Krish K Rangan
    Krish K Rangan  2 months ago

    Mr. Karu palaniappan... Sadhguru is not a saint... He is a Yoga guru.... Yoga again is heavily related to nature, universe, cosmos, spirituality.... Don't comment by having just superficial knowledge on a subject or person...... What is wrong in being spiritual.... Spirituality is just an understanding of our cosmos.... You see normal things with your directorial vision and project as though BJP is a bad party... Spirituality is wrong etc..... Jaggi has clear understanding of the ecological cycle on how rivers/rain are created and sustained and has explained in one of his videos...he has a definite vision.. Don't talk without listening to those videos...