World's Saddest Supra Dyno

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 24, 2019
  • I guess you can call the dyne a heart breaker... lol
    Next week should be fun though!


  • SolarZXD
    SolarZXD  3 days ago

    i like how the evo has like an initial d scheme on it with the monster sticker and the cut team sticker on the side of the wing.

  • Isaak Walker
    Isaak Walker  14 days ago

    When you said

  • Too Many Cars Garage

    "Are the nubs the same"

  • kyle ward
    kyle ward  2 months ago

    I got to see a supra today at ken mills Toyota it sounded so sweet and it was yellow and looked real good

  • ndro racr
    ndro racr  3 months ago

    Do you think his wife cheated on him

  • Joe Perucci
    Joe Perucci  3 months ago

    They were doing meets there earlier in the summer before some morons ruined it. Too bad because it's right down the road from me

  • charbizzle2007
    charbizzle2007  3 months ago

    335i vs. Supra

  • Ped Dreams
    Ped Dreams  3 months ago

    Remove the ayc and get a evo 5/6 rs diff

  • Sahil Gill
    Sahil Gill  3 months ago

    Take a shot every time they say shaft.

  • XRB Performance
    XRB Performance  3 months ago

    Americans care so much about cup holders, I think they exist because of americans, its like a cultural thing there to drive around with disposable cups, even in sport cars, wtf... I only use them to temporarily throw my junk n coins

  • manlikeostrich
    manlikeostrich  3 months ago

    Tommy took the Gerth right out of Adam's mouth

  • ron jenkins
    ron jenkins  3 months ago

    Adam you click baitin jerk. 11 minutes into the video I remember I came to see Supra numbers and you cut it out. Car looks clean tho, grats on the purchase

  • Scott Zarb
    Scott Zarb  3 months ago

    Bruh get rid of that pedo stash already

  • Dinner Plate
    Dinner Plate  3 months ago

    i really like the new supra

  • eeekay nine
    eeekay nine  3 months ago makes sense.. That sticker on your evo...initial d stage 2... You must be a fan boy.. I am big fsn of initial d by the way...but fan boy

  • eeekay nine
    eeekay nine  3 months ago

    Evo 5 to new supra...yeah you are not so smart... New supra 60k vs mk4 30k...and then drop anotfer 30k in mods.. Not so smart...

  • Rodney Hammerfist
    Rodney Hammerfist  3 months ago


  • Anvarynn
    Anvarynn  3 months ago

    That evo idle sounds like the satsuma from my summer car when its tune is wonky... lmao

  • Frankie Boots
    Frankie Boots  3 months ago

    its so little ....

  • hamish brown
    hamish brown  3 months ago

    Still a douchebag..