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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 2, 2012
  • Our motto is "Divide and Conquer" or rather... "Divide and Prank!" In these fun pranks, we recruit victims' loved-ones to fool them! For people who ever dreamed of working for the Gags, this is one way to live the thrill of the prank.
    Some of our favorites are:

    Victim Steals Police Car Prank
    Girlfriend Swap
    Join The Army Funniest Prank
    Wife VS Husband: Charity Gifts Prank
    Sexy Cop Steals Girlfriend!

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    Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

    Welcome to the world-famous #JustforLaughsGags channel, where we pull public pranks on unsuspecting Montreal residents and tourists.

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  • Agent
    Agent  6 hours ago

    The nun donation prank was the funniest! The look on the husbands’ faces were priceles! Lol

  • Tsu Miire
    Tsu Miire  2 days ago

    I really love this show 😂😂

  • Depcom
    Depcom  2 days ago

    Just once I would love to hear what they are saying

  • Pratyaksha Singh
    Pratyaksha Singh  4 days ago

    I wonder if the people they pranked ever watch these videos on YouTube and go like, “Hey, that’s me!”

  • Pratyaksha Singh
    Pratyaksha Singh  4 days ago

    4:36 She almost broke down! Awww! ❤️

  • L.push.M
    L.push.M  7 days ago electronic 2019

  • Dennis Kalkhoven
    Dennis Kalkhoven  7 days ago

    6:01 ...Grandpa? Is that you?

  • Max Merki
    Max Merki  7 days ago

    You are the best. But very angry. :)

  • Goss Master
    Goss Master  7 days ago

    Quá hay , quá êu chương trình này , tôi là người việt nam

  • Said Ibrahim
    Said Ibrahim  7 days ago

    departure for Kandahar today hahaha

  • GermayNay GermaNoy honeybee

    Hi please subscribe my chanel thanks 😘

  • t l
    t l  7 days ago

    Instant accomplice is my favorite prank category 😂

  • wezix
    wezix  7 days ago

    so much better on MUTE.

  • Merky Pierre
    Merky Pierre  7 days ago

    I like when the husband see the wife give all the money to the people he look like this 🙄

  • Raga Suci
    Raga Suci  7 days ago

    Is a real event i'm touched..

  • FantasticFanatique

    Dead when I saw the guys changing into military outfits right away lmaoooo💀💀💀💀😂😂

  • Kamal A. AL-Humaidi

    Out of the bottom of my heart I'm laughing 😂😂😂💀

  • Affcott Dever
    Affcott Dever  7 days ago

    The expression of the girl at 1:09 is cuuuuute.🥰🥰🥰

  • Michael Carranza
    Michael Carranza  7 days ago

    I'm dead.. again.

  • Tema Luk
    Tema Luk  7 days ago

    Как сказал бы галыгин: канадцы, сука доверчивые