SATISFACTORY - Official Gameplay Trailer (New Open World Strategy Game) 2018

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 11, 2018
  • SATISFACTORY - Official Gameplay Trailer (New Open World Strategy Game) 2018

    An FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program - a program whose goal is to construct a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!

    • Release Date: TBA 2018
    • Platform: PC




  • Anna-Maria och Johan Aulin

    i wonder what this the bulding right under the space elevator in 1:42 tha looks like a cyliner and that the middel has been scouped out and adden the nubbs and the like plasma circle next to the first thing at 1:42

    i would very mutch like to know what those are

  • Seijuro TheAlastor
    Seijuro TheAlastor  6 months ago

    I do a factory... to do something... then what?

  • AlpineFighter_Simon
    AlpineFighter_Simon  7 months ago

    Wann kommt es auf der ps4

  • Kavish Jaiswal
    Kavish Jaiswal  7 months ago +1

    I will buy it, only if I get that alien doggo.

  • Gorilla Gorilajzen
    Gorilla Gorilajzen  7 months ago

    4:05 awwwwwww

  • FlolelanXD
    FlolelanXD  7 months ago

    will the game be synonymous for xbox?

  • T3tan SK
    T3tan SK  7 months ago +9


  • 3 Kafalı Gergedan
    3 Kafalı Gergedan  8 months ago +3

    Epic? Seems i will wait 1 more year for Steam release

  • Coleman Croghan
    Coleman Croghan  8 months ago +10

    Come for the building of giant factory’s and to see a beautiful landscape, stay for the cute space doggo

  • BigphilyB
    BigphilyB  8 months ago

    Guns? Turrets? Pollution? Big enemy monsters?

  • Jordan Elam
    Jordan Elam  8 months ago +2

    I hope it comes to ps4

  • Paddy
    Paddy  8 months ago

    i played the test weekend and i have to say for an Early Acess its an good quality no crashes and no perfomance problems. Dont had any bug and it makes a lot of fun :) perfect game to chill before pc and build a big factory that u can chill more :D

  • Alp Doğaner
    Alp Doğaner  8 months ago +1


  • NeroSurvives
    NeroSurvives  8 months ago

    Will this come to ps4?

  • Jr
    Jr  8 months ago

    Only pc

  • Käpt'n Timo
    Käpt'n Timo  10 months ago

    On which Date will it Release????

  • Cyan Redstoneer
    Cyan Redstoneer  10 months ago +3

    Looks like pure satisfaction even the trailer

  • Silently Fixed
    Silently Fixed  10 months ago

    I was searching Satisfactory on google
    Checking if my spelling is right lol
    but look what I found

  • Riser 876
    Riser 876  a years ago +1

    ARK + No Man's Sky + Factorio = Satisfactory // Love It