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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 14, 2018
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  • FBE
    FBE  a years ago +1021

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  • Switchy
    Switchy  a years ago +10265

    I see James, I click

  • Llama Squad
    Llama Squad  a years ago +3160

    Who came for James and jaiden

  • yeah
    yeah  a years ago +4756

    “Good meme.” - Jaiden and James

  • Candy Ninja
    Candy Ninja  a years ago +2165

    0:39 OMG DOMICS
    0:48 OMG ROOMIE

  • A
    A  a years ago +10975

    Jaiden: I regret buying that much milk
    James: Thinks about how he bought 3 million sprinkles

  • Moony [HIATUS]
    Moony [HIATUS]  a years ago +2265

    Jaiden when she saw the Ari:
    Instant Joy

  • Minty Pencil
    Minty Pencil  a years ago +4079

    Domics, TheoOdd1sOut, JaidenAnimations here...Yes. We need them here more

  • Melanie Rodriguez
    Melanie Rodriguez  a years ago +1554

    My question is:why do they put Jaiden and James together?

  • Amaya Nino
    Amaya Nino  a years ago +2812

    The way jaiden just adored that bird. Typical jaiden 😍

  • Deikay
    Deikay  a years ago +2160


  • Mason Lambert
    Mason Lambert  a years ago +2020

    Jaiden's shirt: Road Work Ahead
    Me: Yeah, I sure hope it does!

  • Trey Atkins
    Trey Atkins  a years ago +3111

    Destin, Joan, Thomas, James, Jaiden, Melinda, Domics, and Roomie all in one video?!

  • Autimations
    Autimations  a years ago +3577

    no regerts

  • Macaroni Madness
    Macaroni Madness  a years ago +3515

    I am domics, I'll just laugh at everything

  • Morgan Davis
    Morgan Davis  a years ago +1892

    So proud of you Jaiden💛💕 True fans will know what I mean by how shes showing her face💕

  • TheNukeMan
    TheNukeMan  a years ago +2249

    I love that you picked real youtubers for this video

  • Diego Georgina
    Diego Georgina  a years ago +915

    oh James regretted it because the milk was a waste....tell me who spilled millions of sprinkles on himself?

  • Mark Perez
    Mark Perez  a years ago +357

    sees James and jaiden -Welp here comes the fangirls/fanboys to run in
    sees Joan and Thomas GOD HELP US ALL

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star  a years ago +2940

    These are just dank memes