Is Buying a Salvaged Title Car a Good Deal?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 23, 2017
  • There are many reasons a car can earn a salvage title. Today we talk pros and cons of buying a salvage car, and if it's worth the savings. Remember there are many factors that play into this choice.

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  • The Sourdough Bread Man

    How about manufacturing buy back

  • Rogue Ranger
    Rogue Ranger  14 days ago

    Only Buy IF You Are The End User. I Got a Salvage Vehicle From an Insurance Auction With a "Clean Title" Only to Have The Title Bastardized Upon Registration.

  • Will Hydro
    Will Hydro  21 days ago

    Flood cars are not necessarily bad. If water even gets to just the floorboards the insurance company will salvage it. You have to personally check the car out to see what water damage has been done. If it was submerged, stay away for sure. Just be smart

  • Daniel Enriquez
    Daniel Enriquez  1 months ago

    Thank you very informative \m/

  • William Readon
    William Readon  1 months ago

    i would run from any flood salvage vehicle, especially salt water floods, the salt nearly immediately corrodes the electronics so expect tons of expensive electrical faults plus potential mold issues on plastics and soft parts

  • chris vance
    chris vance  1 months ago

    I have a question. 2017 Nissan Altima. Has no title....has no frame damage, however was in a minor fender bender.(grill needs replaced). Vehicle has 55k mileage. Guy is asking for $3500. Would you do this deal? I looked up grill price...and it is roughly $200.

    MORRISSEY  1 months ago +1

    I wish I would have seen this video before. I lost 2000 dollars. I cant sell the car my self. I am so disapointed

  • Alpha Black
    Alpha Black  2 months ago

    Great video and very well explained. Thank you

  • Javy Cano
    Javy Cano  2 months ago

    If u buy a salvage title car is it a problem to register

  • White Kita
    White Kita  2 months ago

    I will Never buy a Salvaged Title Car.....ever!....heard too many nightmare stories form other people...

  • ChodeMaestro
    ChodeMaestro  2 months ago

    How do you take a car that isn't yours to the dealership?? You would have to convince the guy who owns the car to take it there with you, right?

  • GAH
    GAH  2 months ago

    Im looking at a 2014 dodge charger sxt that has a salvage title on it but the guy says there no fram damage and the air bags weren't deployed for $8,500 good buy or not?

  • La Familia Michoacan

    what adout insurance on a savage vehicle is it more expensive @humblemechanical

  • Drewster327
    Drewster327  3 months ago

    Well if you also look at it insurance companies will pay off and salvage cars with minimal damage depending on the value of make and model and year just because they don't want to deal with it, I had a accident with one of my old cars and it wasnt that bad easily fixed but insurance decided to just salvage it. So really it all depends on what kind of damage it has, do a vehicle VIN check find out the facts of the damage and make a educated decision from there.

  • J.R. Zippie
    J.R. Zippie  3 months ago +2

    3 yrs ago (2016) I bought my first ever Salvaged Title car (2012 Chevy Equinox)...It is one of the finest cars I have owned and has not given me a bit of trouble....Still has that New smell interior....I don't know what the original damage was...nor did I care to the car looks super good and no repair work is evident inside or out.......I plan to keep this vehicle a long time....I am fully insured (AFI)....

  • Brett Wilson
    Brett Wilson  3 months ago

    Wonderful insight! Thank you for sharing!

  • Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy

    Don't buy salvage title. The rich get richer the poor get poorer. The rich want a new car so Insurance companies give them one and they don't mind, because they're going to pass the cost on to poor people who purchase the salvage title. If you buy a car with a salvage title, you are going to pay more for insurance then you would for a new car. Insurance companies know, that it was a salvage title by the VIN number, that they had to pay for it and they want to regroup their money, by charging the next person who gets insurance on the car. If you're the type of person who doesn't buy car insurance, then you can buy a salvage title. But if you're buying car insurance, look at paying at least 2,500 a year for car insurance, if you buy a salvage title. Also new car dealers will not even give you a penny, for a salvage title car on a trade in. They don't want them. Don't look at getting a bank loan for a salvage title car, the banks don't want to risk lending money out on a car that may break down. I made a mistake of buying a rebuilt title 2017 Toyota Prius on eBay for $11,000 that only had 16 K miles. It was like brand new. The Insurance Company wanted $2,500 a year insurance, to regroup the money they lost when they paid out on it, to the rich guy who wanted a new car. After 10 years I will have paid $36,000 for the 2017 car. Which only cost $20,000 when it was brand new. Insurance companies are scammers. If you're going to buy a rebuilt title or Salvage car, do not purchase insurance. You're paying for the rich guys mistake.

  • Manuel Hernandez
    Manuel Hernandez  4 months ago +8

    Salvage cars are the best. Beats buying cars from a dealer.

  • V. E.
    V. E.  4 months ago

    I bought an '02 Blazer w/ a salvaged title and don't care because I'll own it till I pass. It was a case of the insurance blues, as you mentioned, where the repair is more money than the value of the vehicle. I've already popped the dent in the driver's side out, but will also need to replace some of the curvy sheet metal down by the rocker panel. It'll be completely rebuilt by the time I'm done and will last as long as I need it.

  • StrangeExplorations
    StrangeExplorations  4 months ago +1

    I almost bought a salvaged vehicle, and I’m glad I watched this first!