I Survived an Airplane Crash

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • Sucked out from the airplane and falling 2,987 meters (9,800ft) from the sky, Juliane Koepcke miraculously survived her freefall from her disintegrating plane crash. Spending 11 days in the Amazon rainforest, at 17 years old, she had to remain mentally strong gathering all of her strength and her will to survive.

    A true story, Juliane only had 1 shoe and 1 eye to see out of. Being separated from the entire plane wreckage, she knew she had to find her way out if she wanted to survive. The thick Amazon rainforest made it difficult for rescues to find the plane, let alone her! She tried so desperately to find her mother, but in her fragile state, she had to worry about herself first. Not knowing if she would ever be found, she took a chance and followed a river hoping it would be her shot at finding people. Her gamble paid off when she managed to find a resting post where the next day, people found her and quickly transported her to a hospital.

    Out of 91 passengers, she is the only survivor of the Lansa Flight 508. She not only survived a plane crash but survived it falling nearly 3 1/2 Burj Khalifa's (tallest building in the world) without any life-threatening injuries and survived 11 days on her own in the Amazon rainforest. Showing the will to survive, her story shows us how strong, resilient, and determined someone can be when faced with the most difficult challenges.


  • Our Founding Liars
    Our Founding Liars  8 days ago +6115

    Amazing. We need to make future airplanes out of her.

  • chowder the bear dog
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    This is 6 minutes do

  • Akiko Babauta Kaneda
    Akiko Babauta Kaneda  45 minutes ago

    real is it real

  • jazmyn lemar
    jazmyn lemar  an hour ago

    This is some brave wilderness shit

  • AvaPlayz YT
    AvaPlayz YT  an hour ago

    Is it true

  • Vantaul ONtumblr
    Vantaul ONtumblr  an hour ago

    The comments here are nearly all absolutely filthy.
    Good video
    Thanks for reading narrator
    The art is phenomenal
    And this person who survived this is an absolute badass, and I feel so bad for her experience and how the comments completely disregarded all of it.

  • Jacob Rossato
    Jacob Rossato  an hour ago

    Rarely sure you would have died

  • Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

    I feel like I should mention this, since so many people seemed disturbed by the maggot thing. One of the main reasons she survived was because of the maggots. Maggots eat dead flesh, since they were eating only dead infected skin, they prevented the infection from traveling further into her body. Fun fact: In some countries, doctors actually use maggot therapy for wounds.

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    Smiley  2 hours ago

    0:38 Ben Shapiro has left the chat

  • Charolette Gilpin
    Charolette Gilpin  2 hours ago

    This is the real life Lara Croft

  • Happy Hour
    Happy Hour  2 hours ago

    Bruh that's nasty asf ab the maggots

  • Chaotic Neutral
    Chaotic Neutral  2 hours ago

    I got a Alaska Airlines ad before this video started...

  • Wolf Mations
    Wolf Mations  2 hours ago

    No one can survive something like that

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  • sonic
    sonic  3 hours ago

    Most of all determination
    Me thinks this asgore: human it was nice to meet you you are now filled with determitation goodbye

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  • NinjaLemur
    NinjaLemur  3 hours ago +1

    I have to fly to Florida soon from New Jersey soon for a senior trip and back with all my friends and my girlfriend. I'm pretty scared now. But I can't imagine what this girl had to go through. I wouldn't be able to do what she did.

  • S Y N T H /
    S Y N T H /  3 hours ago

    0:27 *her face looks serious not scared*

  • Queeny Belfort
    Queeny Belfort  3 hours ago

    So sad 😯