Philadelphia Sixers vs Toronto Raptors - Game 7 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
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  • Ximo Pierto
    Ximo Pierto  3 months ago +386

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  • James Jamaica
    James Jamaica  3 months ago +1964

    These honestly have been the most exciting playoff in a long time

  • Neil Kubeer
    Neil Kubeer  2 months ago +422

    Who is here after the Raptors won the NBA finals?

  • Chris Mndz
    Chris Mndz  3 months ago +624

    Big Performance by Serge Ibaka in this game!

  • Ekrem2323
    Ekrem2323  3 months ago +499

    I watch nba since 1993. And i saw so many buzzer beaters. But kawhis beater was the best i see in the last years. Great game! Definitly top10 buzzer beater!

  • Tulsi
    Tulsi  3 months ago +347

    This year NBA playoffs is maybe by far the craziest one, the battles and stories between teams just so excited to watch.

  • Eddie Shen
    Eddie Shen  3 months ago +1688

    A 92-90 playoff game in 2019...with a game winner by the best player in the series in a game 7. Instant classic

  • Ilham Kadir
    Ilham Kadir  3 months ago +109

    Embiid cried sums up the intensity of the playoffs. Thank you philly it has been a good run.

  • Ivan Ellamil
    Ivan Ellamil  3 months ago +263

    I really admire the photographer at 12:56 at sideline the nearest to Embiid where he choose to take a photo of Kawhi during the shot instead of looking at the rim if it went in or not. I mean, it's the final shot of game 7. of GAME 7 man! That's what you call dedication and love for work!

  • Sean Meng
    Sean Meng  3 months ago +232

    I have seen a shadow of Jordan, Kobe in Kawhi's play. thanks for the great game!

  • Dreamz Rc
    Dreamz Rc  3 months ago +129

    One of those ending you have to watch 100 times to see everyones reaction on screen. Well done #2 awesome series awesome game!

  • Reuben Charles
    Reuben Charles  2 months ago +74

    Who's here after the finals victory to relive this game.

  • Tony Nicolas
    Tony Nicolas  3 months ago +84

    Kawhi : and for my next trick kids, I'm going to turn a brick into a dagger🙃

  • Sports_Grinder
    Sports_Grinder  3 months ago +119

    Kawhi.....a one man wrecking crew...bring that title home and immortalise yourself in Toronto

  • rhonald villostas
    rhonald villostas  3 months ago +70

    big respect for the most humble nba player..
    kawhi leonard is the man👌👌

  • Darnell Hilton
    Darnell Hilton  3 months ago +1329

    who else keeps replying the video just to see the whole crowd reaction to the game winning shot ?

  • Mapкo Toдoрoвић
    Mapкo Toдoрoвић  3 months ago +154

    Broke brother to brother.
    Western Conference Final: Stephen Curry vs Seth Curry,
    Eastern Conference Final: Marc Gasol vs Pau Gasol.

  • Itszachz
    Itszachz  3 months ago +35

    Guess the myth is true. Drake, please don't show up for anymore Toronto games so they can win.

  • Geoffrey Gabriel Rosales
    Geoffrey Gabriel Rosales  3 months ago +81

    Where u lookin' at, embiid?

  • jeff aviles
    jeff aviles  2 months ago +18

    This is more interesting than the nba finals LOOL