Kevin Durant Wins HEATED 1-on-1 Game at USA Training Camp 🔥

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • Team USA brought the energy this morning on Day 2 of practice in Las Vegas. Kevin Durant, Victor Oladipo, Myles Turner and Paul George played competitive games of one-on-one at the end of practice in front of Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony, Anthony Davis and more to prove who’s the king of the court in Las Vegas.

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    Kevin Durant Wins HEATED 1-on-1 Game at USA Training Camp 🔥



  • Sylvio Patroleiro
    Sylvio Patroleiro  11 hours ago

    Kevin Durant joga muito!!!

  • Roy's Place
    Roy's Place  13 hours ago

    Great work our video . It shows these guys put work in to be as good as they are . Good video

  • minghan wang
    minghan wang  4 days ago

    i love kyrie

  • K G
    K G  4 days ago

    Kyrie *ALWAYS* looking *homeless* *wtf?*

  • 三火
    三火  5 days ago +1

    Lori and DeRozan look like primary school students, hahahahahaha

  • Bob Ole
    Bob Ole  5 days ago

    Keep crying u big snake bitch

  • JR The GOAT Smith

    I didn’t know that Juice Wrld could play defense.

  • Weez Lee
    Weez Lee  6 days ago

    " AYO! cmon yo get off the phone"

  • Doweiit D
    Doweiit D  6 days ago

    Durant travel almost every possession

  • Darryl Lamayo
    Darryl Lamayo  7 days ago

    Easy money ba ang hanap mo!!??
    Click mo lng ang link mag register at maginvite para magkapera

  • joshua Romasanta
    joshua Romasanta  8 days ago

    No kelly williams?????!!!

  • citedamas
    citedamas  8 days ago

    that's how the All-Star Game used to look like, a long long long time ago

  • Manewa Kouam
    Manewa Kouam  8 days ago

    Victor Oladipo. Wow.

  • Chef C
    Chef C  9 days ago

    Now I get what analysts mean when they talk about mechanics. These guys are so technical up close and literally work within inches of their opponent, the anticipation and them creating space is so damn impressive to watch up close. This separates the pros from the amateurs for sure.

  • SnorlaxBadminton
    SnorlaxBadminton  10 days ago

    Where's stephen curry or klay or lebron?

  • Zeno masu
    Zeno masu  10 days ago

    @47 seconds u can see a travelling 😂😅

  • Mickey Dankey
    Mickey Dankey  11 days ago

    Durant is the best 1 on 1 player

  • JJ Garcia
    JJ Garcia  11 days ago

    what shose are on Kyrie's feet.

  • Ryan Swipes
    Ryan Swipes  11 days ago

    Defense is a thing of the past, especially with today’s fouling.

  • gabriel garido
    gabriel garido  12 days ago

    where's lebron the king 👑james