Kevin Durant Wins HEATED 1-on-1 Game at USA Training Camp 🔥

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • Team USA brought the energy this morning on Day 2 of practice in Las Vegas. Kevin Durant, Victor Oladipo, Myles Turner and Paul George played competitive games of one-on-one at the end of practice in front of Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony, Anthony Davis and more to prove who’s the king of the court in Las Vegas.Subscribe to SLAM for your daily 🔥 around NBA basketball: Visit and Subscribe to the NEW SLAM High School basketball channel: SLAM Highlights:We were there, and now you're in the know. Tune-in for highlights from wherever the the game's pulse is beating from across the nation and the world. Keep up with SLAM ⬇️⬇️⬇️INSTAGRAM 🏀:🎓: ————————TWITTER🏀:🎓: ————————FACEBOOK🏀:————————COP YOUR MERCH 👕:————————SUBSCRIBE TO THE MAG 📖:————————NEWSLETTER 📰: Slam:From game highlights to top NBA news to the hottest thrift store finds from NBA players - we've got you covered. Come hang with us as we talk all things ball - latest games, top players, NBA drafts, newest kicks, the greatest dunks, and more. We've also got the latest and greatest stars in high school basketball on our SLAM High School channel! If basketball's your religion, SLAM’s the bible. Follow us on all the socials for exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to games, players and lifestyle in NBA and high school basketball.Kevin Durant Wins HEATED 1-on-1 Game at USA Training Camp 🔥


  • Striker  6 months ago

    1 on 1 basketball should also be a competition during the all star break.

  • Jonathan Peterson  10 days ago

    I almost think that would send a bad message. its a team sport, lets kept that way. I know the dunk and three point contests are still one man teams, but they aren't directly playing against one another. its a fine line, theres a place for it for sure. not sure its all star weekend though.

  • Germaine Johnson  23 days ago

    @Mr.E not

  • DoJoee  29 days ago

    kyrie lookin like that playground pimp who holds the ball for no reason but wants none of the game

  • bandman osiel  1 months ago

    who else wanted to see kyrie go at it

  • Darion Thompson  17 hours ago

    iionFN watch his 1v1 before you ignorantly comment

  • gochipurself  6 days ago

    bandman osiel he would murrrderrrr

  • Brian Jones  10 months ago

    This video truly shows how unbelievably skilled these dudes are. All of the top 40 players are unguardable one on one. It’s a shame how skilled they are. So much muscle memory and repetition.

  • Twisted One  23 days ago

    A shame? Nigga wtf

  • Dario Filatrella  24 days ago

    Kawhi can definitely shut down giannis, from a giannis fan (and I dislike kawhi)

  • MBJ920  10 months ago

    This video really shows how impressive these players are, every single shot is highly contested and they still somehow make it

  • Franchize Sc  21 days ago

    Yeah shows how quick they can make room when there’s no room and get a shot off

  • Mark Brown  23 days ago

    @Esteban B yes he is

  • Fitness POG  10 months ago

    Why was this way more enjoyable to watch than an actual NBA game

  • CeltiKKKs Fan  9 days ago

    @aaron berhane Your stupid is saying the same thing but no explanation. Before calling someone dumb atleast explain yourself. Like I most likely haven't even watched ball from MJ'S era.

  • CeltiKKKs Fan  9 days ago

    @aaron berhane "back in the day". You probably never even watched ball from back in the day. The calls you see these stars get is the same thing from last era. You act like everyone is favored on calls. But no. There are just a few who gets favored calls. D wade used to do it. Kobe..and mj..John Stockton flopped a lot back then too.

  • YamiiiKaze  10 months ago

    KD is too OP

  • Monchris Punay  13 days ago

    @Christopher Merritt Op Means Over Power 💪

  • LCMZ Baller  1 months ago

    Op snake

  • GoB Channel  10 months ago

    8:04 that SHOT and KD reaction.

  • cyber6sapien  23 days ago

    VO's shot over Myles at 8:40 was even more impressive IMO.

  • Just1n-R6  25 days ago

    Zeus 81 likes stay woke

  • Romel Jackson  10 months ago

    How do you guard KD ? He can score in the post, he can score off the pick & roll (as the screener or ball handler) he can score off catch and shoot, or off the dribble. While shooting 50% and 40% from 3 and 88% from the ft line. Its crazy!

  • Jake Walker  11 days ago

    Danel Gamez Sr 30-293836212929 FG XD

  • Danel Gamez Sr  11 days ago

    @Jake Walker kd never scored 60 points kobe has 6 60 point games 😹😹😹

  • Paul George  7 months ago

    Devin booker the type of dude to score 70 and still lose the game

  • Pixel Z  22 days ago

    He's in a shit team, not his fault anyways

  • Lil_phya_man  23 days ago

    Andy Kline thts y they got ayton, hes a great low post scorer and good rebounding. They most definitely did need a big man