Rubik's Cube Magician That SHOCKED Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 10, 2018
  • Watch Genius Rubik's Cube Magician Steven Brundage on America's Got Talent 2016 (AGT), as he shocked Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges. What did you think about his card and magic cube tricks auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...

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  • Punkt G
    Punkt G  11 minutes ago

    3:19 He shows just 3 correctly setup walls ;) MAGIC :D

  • Sophie Cousineau
    Sophie Cousineau  6 hours ago +1



  • __SP1R1T__F1RE__ [GNE1S]

    “Go in there Mel”
    Weird flex but ok

  • höhöhöhöhh hehe
    höhöhöhöhh hehe  7 hours ago

    Use me as a "wtf" button

  • Radinka Cadudasa
    Radinka Cadudasa  8 hours ago +1

    I think is digital rubik

  • Heath Knickerbocker
    Heath Knickerbocker  17 hours ago

    Simon looks so confused

  • Floyd Fierro
    Floyd Fierro  18 hours ago

    I like fortnite

  • FeEzEr
    FeEzEr  20 hours ago +1

    Look closely at 12:24 there is a triangle of white and 1 single white and when he reveals all sides there is no pattern like that so i'm just telling ya he may not be a Magician and the big cube didn't even move so he could've just kept it the way he wanted. Sorry for ruining this

  • M Afaq
    M Afaq  21 hours ago

    If he allowed them to do a full random scramble, he would not be able to solve it like that 😂

  • K.R
    K.R  yesterday

    3:20 he didnt complete rubics cube fully, only 3 sides that he is showing, the other 3 sides at the back arent solved

  • DaRealLimit
    DaRealLimit  yesterday

    11:22 cosmic rubiks cube

  • Tanthien Nguyen
    Tanthien Nguyen  yesterday

    Haben Sie den Sprache & Total Belogen sein.....Kümmern Sie Dringlichkeit......

  • Tanthien Nguyen
    Tanthien Nguyen  yesterday

    Hintern dran sagte Sie es, dass die Bevölkerung Auswandern....Wegen Banken Tresor verloren & Früher Pensioniert & Pensoniert nicht Zählen wollen.....

  • arpita1shrivas
    arpita1shrivas  yesterday


  • Sumeet Malu
    Sumeet Malu  yesterday


  • Greg Moldovan
    Greg Moldovan  yesterday +1

    2nd trick would be really easy if Heidi's "6 of diamonds" was staged. Then ripped corner of another card can be placed in corner of cube.

  • Hawks_For_Life_45
    Hawks_For_Life_45  2 days ago

    The Portrait of Brad Pitt is fake you can see on the finished portrait there is a lot green at the top so the other sides would not be able to have any green and then when you see the side with the rubies cube there is green on the back of some of them

  • Emily LPS
    Emily LPS  3 days ago

    Sofie !!!!!!!!!

  • That One Guy With The Face

    Guys if you knew how Rubik's cube actually worked and know the different ways to solve them you would realize how unimpressive this is

  • SomeThing YT
    SomeThing YT  3 days ago

    1:06 why simon cowel doing the middle finger