Deep Relaxing Ambient Music { Lost in Space } ~ Study ~ Dreaming ~ Gaming

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 27, 2018
  • Welcome to Deep Relaxing Ambient Music. It is an excellent Calming Background for Studying, Dreaming, Stress Relief and complete relaxation. Also it helps to beat anxiety and insomnia. You can try it for gaming, codding, writing#space#ambient#relaxing


  • xbush4 lifex
    xbush4 lifex  9 months ago +63

    Just got home, it's pouring rain here in Portland OR, listing to this and a fresh cup of tea. It's a good day ✌✌

  • Jackie Sanchez
    Jackie Sanchez  yesterday

    Love your channel! Always helps me focus when I do schoolwork and helps me to relax. Subscribed!

  • Kryssie Mango
    Kryssie Mango  7 months ago +12

    this is actually the only kind music i can study to. anything else is too distracting. there is something about ambient music that you dont really have to actively listen to in order for it to affect you. this helps me to concentrate. this is beautiful, im gonna be listening to this for a while, might actually get some math homework done :) thanks for uploading this!

  • ser Å
    ser Å  4 months ago +7

    Thanks to this music I feel that I am in Cydonia , Mars .

  • AmbientMoo
    AmbientMoo  8 months ago +7

    From one ambient lover and producer to another, this is great music! Really nice graphic, too.

  • Lunamaria
    Lunamaria  7 months ago +9

    This track makes me so emotional and inspired feeling.. Weird lol

  • Relaxation Ambient Music
    Relaxation Ambient Music  9 months ago +37

    Welcome. Thanks for watching. Leave comments, likes, share with friends.

  • Snöw
    Snöw  9 months ago +13

    that sound definitely must be sent to the other worlds out of solar system

  • Solis Crown
    Solis Crown  9 months ago +26

    This is great music for writing.

  • Momma Maria
    Momma Maria  9 months ago +6

    Makes me feel like I'm sailing through space. Aaaaahhhhhhh

  • AnimAlistic6
    AnimAlistic6  8 months ago +7

    I've been sleeping with this on since you released it and it's perfect. Great job!

  • Underground Warrior
    Underground Warrior  5 months ago +5

    I am a rogue space pirate with a small crew, and our ship is in need of repair (after a brutal battle) we found a unknown planet who can do some good, excellent repairs. They have free snacks, coffee, tea and other types of drinks while we are sitting and waiting for our ship to be repaired. And by golly they can get YouTube (on a huge screen) and we are listing to it here in the lobby of the repair shop. Thank you Relaxation Ambient Music, whoever you may be! (Oooo! A hot looking alien mom just walked in! I'm going to walk over to her and start a conversation.)

    NAVY WIFE  8 months ago +5

    Hans Zimmer.... great music. Thank you.

  • RedArts
    RedArts  4 months ago +4

    Same chords as Time from inception

  • Mick Davis
    Mick Davis  5 months ago +2

    I can't imagine, I'm in space! If you are in space, it must be amazing!
    This video makes me happy and I go to sleep, Good Night! 😴

  • Hernán López Ramirez
    Hernán López Ramirez  8 months ago +4

    Con esta música llego hasta la médula de mi alma.

  • Shi Kay
    Shi Kay  9 months ago +7

    This music really helped me tonight with writing. My INFJ-T personality usually struggles to write thoughts down onto paper/word document because of my racing thought process. I will always continue to listen to space ambient music. It seems to help clear my mind and organize my thoughts as I write.

  • James Bessant
    James Bessant  8 months ago +5

    I've been reading space sci fi books to your playlists :')

  • 5haCo Pako
    5haCo Pako  9 months ago +3

    Is the first the "Time" song version relax?

  • Jürgen Trockenbau
    Jürgen Trockenbau  9 months ago +21

    One of the best pieces of Space Ambient ever! So epic, majestic and touching. Also melancholy and uplifting at the same time. I feel like catching a glimpse of eternity while listening to this...🙌
    Some harmonies here remind me of some of my beloved Metal bands. Keldian or Mechina for example, or some Ambiant Black Metal...
    Thank you so much for this!😊🤘😍👍