Deep Relaxing Ambient Music { Lost in Space } ~ Study ~ Dreaming ~ Gaming

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 27, 2018
  • Welcome to Deep Relaxing Ambient Music. It is an excellent Calming Background for Studying, Dreaming, Stress Relief and complete relaxation. Also it helps to beat anxiety and insomnia. You can try it for gaming, codding, writing



  • Yaboi Brandon
    Yaboi Brandon  7 days ago

    Oh great the ads got to this one too🤦‍♂️ this is so ridiculous

  • Rock Saturn
    Rock Saturn  7 days ago +1

    111 people are clearly deaf

  • Photoshop Tutor and Photo Editor

    This music makes me cry while remembering all the beautiful people in my life who have passed. "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain."

  • Photoshop Tutor and Photo Editor

    How long have I been floating? Feels like forever.

  • Ervin Asturias
    Ervin Asturias  1 months ago +1

    Amazing music ... magic Dream...

  • Seymur Zabilov
    Seymur Zabilov  1 months ago


  • TheBruh ManDave
    TheBruh ManDave  2 months ago +1

    This is amazing, thank you for this.

  • William Peterson
    William Peterson  2 months ago +7

    This music is great for those nights when you’re driving alone and there are barely any cars on the road. You can step on the gas a little harder and just contemplate everything that has happened in your life up to that point.

  • Mohamed Walid
    Mohamed Walid  3 months ago

    This is one of the best things I’ve ever heard! Absolutely amazing! Are these sounds produced through a synthesizer? Mind blowing!

  • Дмитрий Кузьмин

    Sooo beautiful!!! That's perfect!

  • Jackie Sanchez
    Jackie Sanchez  5 months ago +1

    Love your channel! Always helps me focus when I do schoolwork and helps me to relax. Subscribed!

  • Matvej K.
    Matvej K.  5 months ago

    Доброго времени суток! Прекрасная музыка! Космический мотив - мой любимый. Вдохновляет! Действительно, подходящее звучание для писательского творчества, слушайте на здоровье! Успешных вам дел!))

  • reza i
    reza i  6 months ago

    Wow very nice beautiful lovely thankeyou

  • depresionjunky
    depresionjunky  6 months ago

    I’m high as shit

  • H ALEX
    H ALEX  6 months ago

    Great music to read Arthur C.Clarke, RAMA books

  • Cardel Turner
    Cardel Turner  7 months ago

    No mgtows allowed just making music

  • Juan Carlos Subiria Renteria


  • Владислав Сидельников

    Dear author, when will this composition appear in the Apple Music?

  • monnix2001
    monnix2001  8 months ago

    Portland Oregon, beautiful and raining. That's what I saw in the Grimm series. That wonderful series and your beautiful town...