Bruno Mars Wins Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech | 60th GRAMMYs

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 28, 2018
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  • Samuel Duarte  1 years ago

    Lorde's face is like: disappointed but not surprised

  • Humma Irshad  1 years ago

    Samuel Duarte she should've won this

  • CassieJazz96  1 years ago

    That was my face too.

  • Prince  1 years ago

    Lorde and Kendrick, sweeties, I'm so sorry.

  • Chaymae xoxo  29 days ago

    @Robert Smith Bitch he writes all his songs wtf you talking about?

  • Brahim kadi  1 months ago

    You still crying baby's

  • Trust me this guy is magic. If you've seen him live it's a different kind of experience he is on fire. Every song on this album is a bop...He's So talented and the I feel like he doesn't get enough recognition. He's proud of him

  • kate torres  1 years ago

    Very humble guy for mentioning the other nominees' hard work and appreciating it all. I love him

  • Nellie K. Adaba  3 months ago

    kate torres Amen

  • African Queen  1 years ago

    "Don't cut me off!" when Bruno says don't cut him off, don't cut him off!!😂

  • Rusty Nail  1 years ago

    I could be having a bad day and all I have to do is listen to his music, and all of the sudden I'm having great day. This is what his music is all about, is to uplift you and turn your frown into a smile. No artist out there has ever done this(for me anyway).He such a hard worker, passionate, humble and a great mentor. He deserves this award and every single bit of it. Go Bruno! You definitely took it to Mars this time!

  • Genghis Khanye  1 years ago

    Babyface, Jimmy & Terry Lewis and Teddy Riley. Thank you Bruno for showing respect to the holy trinity of 90's R&B.

  • Cutey Nurse  4 months ago

    Genghis Khanye FACTS!!!

  • in2theam  1 years ago

    I like how he was honest he’s been drinking a bit lmao! Love this guy.

  • Moe  1 years ago

    Bruno is the best when it comes to live performances. He can sing and dance at the same time. He produces and writes his own music.

  • Brahim kadi  21 days ago

    The question is where all those bitches was when like Adele take all the awards in 2011 end Bruno in the same night lose all his nom or where they was when she back in 2017 end snatch all those awards or when they was when the shitty Taylor got 10 Grammy's end two atoy y'all bitches you need to got life

  • OOF  22 days ago

    Ta Naka nah Bruno’s talented

  • I’m Tired  1 years ago

    So after years of everyone complaining about how underrated Bruno was, and years of him giving the most energetic, “funk-tastic” , and consistent performances, after he revived the old school, jazz, r&b, Michael meets Prince meets James Brown meets the island sounds, after all of this...folks are complaining that he won everything. You had years of Adele winning and Sam Smith winning and most inexplicably...Taylor Swift winning, but everyone complains about this guy. Miss me with that. Obviously Kendri...

  • Brahim kadi  21 days ago

    @Blah Blah talent * stage present * looooooooool

  • Brahim kadi  21 days ago

    @Blah Blah talent * stage present * looooooooool