Legendary Creatures that Might Be REAL!



  • :::jon::: Cifer:::

    Forgot the Mothman -_-
    Edit: and the Dogman

  • Mr globypants
    Mr globypants  6 days ago

    Number 6 neKo Oyasuminasai jon Tom

  • aldwin kyle mangilaya


  • JKingbird Goyel
    JKingbird Goyel  9 days ago

    Number 5 is not a reptile, it's just a giant sloth. My gosh some of these entries

  • Teresa Basinger
    Teresa Basinger  12 days ago

    A Bigfoot is very real. There's one in his bedroom (nest), right now!!

  • Madeleine Mcilroy
    Madeleine Mcilroy  14 days ago

    The ogopogo in the inland of British Columbia trust me I’ve seen him

  • Peace Maker13
    Peace Maker13  14 days ago

    That was a hilariously bad scottish accent

  • trojan104 Official

    Bigfoot buries their dead? then why don't people just dig em up. And how did they know that bigfoot buries their ded.

  • Austin Franklin
    Austin Franklin  15 days ago

    Ghost also might be real

  • Hannibal.
    Hannibal.  16 days ago

    Dinosaurs are definitely still around, in Africa there is a gigantic rainforest thats unexplored for more than 80% but there are people living there and if you show them pictures of different types of dinosaurs they recognize them because they've seen them, those people don't have internet or any connection to the modern world.

  • Alexander Mitchell

    My grandpa saw Bigfoot. He said that they reek

  • Colin Vannarsdall
    Colin Vannarsdall  17 days ago

    *sees number 7* HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! the ropen and other cryptids like that were made by creationists see the ropen for example there is no evidence for them and most match OUTDATED thoughts of pteradons shouldnt they look more like i dont know modern thoughts or even a definitive way we dont know about? Im sorry matt but this is where you need to do more research

  • KeRon Morey Jr
    KeRon Morey Jr  18 days ago

    Maybe the lockness monster is a mossasur that survived for millions of years

  • Tommie Andersson
    Tommie Andersson  19 days ago

    The mapingquari looks like a sunbear

  • Donald's daughter
    Donald's daughter  20 days ago

    Yes it was a terrible accent and it's not lock Ness it's loch loccchhh

  • Donald's daughter
    Donald's daughter  20 days ago

    Scotland has quite a lot of black panthers it's because rich people kept them as pets but then it was banned so they released them into the wild my dad seen one once up close and said it looked identical to a black panther he was with other people at the time to who seen it too and said the same thing

    • Madeleine Mcilroy
      Madeleine Mcilroy  14 days ago

      Donald's daughter they would have filmed the movie black panther there

  • Daen Easton
    Daen Easton  21 days ago

    U could of said Dragon 🐉 instead of crazy a crazy flying reptile creature

  • wesleykop1992
    wesleykop1992  22 days ago

    Im gonna eat your face, sorry eh

  • Shadow Hunter 3221

    If these things are real than we're doomed

  • Frozt
    Frozt  23 days ago

    Lochness Is Pretty Big and Deep so Who Knows Whats up There