Legendary Creatures that Might Be REAL!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • emancoy
    emancoy  a years ago +406

    The Kraken doesn't eat you, it mates with you. Japanese animation proves it.

  • Kazi420 SB52
    Kazi420 SB52  a years ago +110

    I thought my dad was going to be on this list ...

  • Thir13teen
    Thir13teen  a years ago +163

    Oh, I have a pet death worm, you can find 'Em in almost any petsmart!

  • Kitson knox Killer cat studios

    Oh yeah I let my black cat outside and she kinda got into some... “Radioactive waste” so no worries about that big unidentifiable cat! That’s just my cat indi hehe

  • Emily Violet Marie
    Emily Violet Marie  a years ago +648

    #10 is def just the Alaskan bull worm

  • The Fortnite Trio
    The Fortnite Trio  a years ago +14

    I’m Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😂Good Impression Lol

  • Andrew G.
    Andrew G.  a years ago +26

    Bigfoot isn't real. That's just Matt's hairy uncle.

  • Noah Shackelford
    Noah Shackelford  a years ago +24

    What about the myth of the sauropod that lives in a African rainforest

  • Pepper RoniIce
    Pepper RoniIce  a years ago +6

    I would love to see a "top 10 creepiest skinwalker stories" or something
    That would be interesting

  • Samtho
    Samtho  a years ago +19

    You forgot the Jersey devil

  • Poipole Entertainment
    Poipole Entertainment  a years ago +49

    I believe in these creatures

  • 420 Bomber
    420 Bomber  a years ago +34

    Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

  • Carl Storm
    Carl Storm  a years ago +8

    I love you man!! Your goofy sense of humor is the best just like your dark creepy voice!! You are definitely one of the best sites on YouTube and I hope you continue to grow big and strong like a polite Sasquatch lol!!!

  • bay leaf
    bay leaf  a years ago +160

    You forgot the Hash Slinging Slasher 👀

  • Josh 3653
    Josh 3653  a years ago +5

    Like the lighting in your video keep up the good work

  • Aaron aaron
    Aaron aaron  a years ago +6

    Is the GOLD SCAR REAL???

  • NPC #4782
    NPC #4782  a years ago +7

    My town has the most recorded Bigfoot sightings

  • Artak091
    Artak091  a years ago +9

    This is the type of stuff that I follow Matt for.

  • Cole McCraith
    Cole McCraith  a years ago +309

    that creature is my self esteem, hiding, but probably not real tho

  • It's Demetri
    It's Demetri  a years ago +7

    Reason why bigfoot and yeti hasn't been found is because they know some scientist is going to dissect them if they get caught.