Here's How I Made My Cheap Lambo Shoot HUGE FLAMES IN 2 EASY STEPS! **SPICY**

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 7, 2018
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  • REM  1 years ago

    Tav: I'm not gonna be driving like this, by the way.Erik: Yeah, you are.

  • Miguel Ramirez  1 years ago

    Fi🅱🅱er Na🅱🅱ot read this as it was playing lmfaooo

  • Stephen Johnson  1 years ago

    Can you find a way to feature Erik in more of your videos? I really like the guy.

  • Not Hitler  1 years ago

    It was the strut mount not the axle that makes noise!

  • b atman  1 years ago


  • 802 Garage  1 years ago

    Even in a video about shooting hotboi flames... I STILL learned something about tuning for throttle lift fueling! Sick. :D

  • BetA666  1 years ago

    802 Garage i wanna see a Tavarish Parody 🤣

  • sinformant  1 years ago

    802 Garage LOL he is like the Billy Mays of car care Vids.

  • TheHK2127  1 years ago

    1) hired a tuner2) paid them

  • Hypn0tyz3d  1 years ago

    ///AMG thanks for wasting your time already "bro"

  • ///AMG  1 years ago

    LOL wtf are you talking about? What did I read on the internet exactly? You're such a vague dumbass, gonna stop arguing with you because there's no getting your point across to a hard-headed troll who knows nothing about business or how it works. Literally everyone on this thread was against you because you have no idea what you're talking about.

  • Kevin Schmidt  1 years ago

    This tuner is a god among men

  • B-Tour  1 years ago

    Lol you need a bumper sticker that says "stay back 10 feet" "beware of flamethrower"

  • Allen Poe  1 years ago

    bumper sticker on a lambo? eeewwwwww

  • ChazzFTW  1 years ago

    B-Tour they won’t be close enough behind him when he drives it like that anyway 😉

  • Andres Barquero  1 years ago

    Señor Cruz mis respetos! Keep the videos coming!!!

  • Kota Larsen  1 years ago

    Maybe you should keep those long tips so you don't light your bumper on fire.

  • Tom Coulter  1 years ago

    I'm going to have to write a love song for Tavarish and Eric.

  • Chris Becerra  1 years ago

    Gotta work with ya got!! :)btw, "Wha cha talk'n 'bout Willis"

  • Tom Bittikoffer  1 years ago

    Chris Becerra This is more like caramel and butterscotch. Either way. I’m down. It’s a flowmance for sure.

  • MūsuMan  1 years ago

    WHAT?! A real QUICK update?!

  • MūsuMan  1 years ago

    NOTIF squad btw