Break-up Pasta - Aglio E Olio - You Suck at Cooking (episode 14)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 12, 2015
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  • Cheesus Sliced
    Cheesus Sliced  4 years ago +2705

    "I cant afford the paper it would take to list all of your shortcomings"
    Best. Quote. Ever.

  • The King
    The King  3 years ago +4847

    It's a lot of garlic but...I'm not afraid. Are you afraid?

  • Gabriel Balaich
    Gabriel Balaich  3 years ago +5668

    "It sounds like a made up word but its actually a real word from a made up language called Italian"

  • Anthony Burgos
    Anthony Burgos  3 years ago +2820

    The person being broken up with was perfectly reasonable. Amazing.

  • TheThief
    TheThief  2 years ago +783

    as an italian i can confirm that my language is totally made up

  • Shannon Green
    Shannon Green  4 years ago +2217

    That looked depressingly delicious.

  • Massive Dohoonkabhankoloos
    Massive Dohoonkabhankoloos  3 years ago +1450

    Are you breaking up with me? After all you've shown me how to cook?

  • Haley
    Haley  3 years ago +701

    What if I pepper pepper pepper PEPPER. Will that affect the end result?

  • Tenzin Shedup
    Tenzin Shedup  4 years ago +461

    What if you don't have a girlfriend? Should I date someone so that I can eat this pasta when I break up with her?

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith  2 years ago +541

    Thank god he didn't try to use that pre-minced garlic in this. I would've flipped my shit

  • Laura Patricia
    Laura Patricia  4 years ago +1488

    'follow the instruction!' I died!!!

  • GerikDT
    GerikDT  3 years ago +1227

    I was under the impression that this man detested garlic. Glad to see he's not criminally insane after all.

  • Lelong
    Lelong  3 years ago +1951

    But the boiling point of water depends on the atmospheric pressure. Pasta companies should provide extensive information on the variation of the cooking time according to meteorological parameters. This could take the form of a calibration curve for example. A simple "perfect boiling time" on the package is a joke.

  • cjdawdj
    cjdawdj  3 years ago +870

    Does this mean I have a chance???

  • Aleksandar Kospenda
    Aleksandar Kospenda  4 years ago +89

    Kinda unclear. After you say goodbye to each other isn't she supposed to leave? I mean I cooked at my place but she awkwardly ate rest of the past and didn't leave.

  • A White Oreo
    A White Oreo  4 years ago +421

    Does this work with other pastas? What is the thickness level of the spaghetti? Does this work for homosexuals? When does the pasta's need for love begin to take affect?
    Usually these videos are very informative, but this one leaves me with so many questions that I may just unsubscribe, then immediately subscribe back because I don't what I'd do without these videos.

  • KaliyaK
    KaliyaK  3 years ago +88

    the legend says she's still eating that pasta...

  • CeeeX
    CeeeX  3 years ago +115

    The thing that REALLY caught me off guard, was how you were able to do some CONTACT JUGGLING?!

  • Jason Varughese
    Jason Varughese  4 years ago +96

    " its not a made up word, it's a real word from a made up language, Italian ".......words of wisdom

  • ChessMaster
    ChessMaster  3 years ago +71

    I have used this video to make pasta about 10 times (only 6 of those were to break up)