Break-up Pasta - Aglio E Olio - You Suck at Cooking (episode 14)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 12, 2015
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    This is the best way to ensure years of loving friendship when transitioning out of a relationship.


  • greysun
    greysun  18 minutes ago

    That break-up was like something out of Bojack Horseman, but we don't know the characters, so there are no terrible implications of decay!

  • Geo Mondiale
    Geo Mondiale  17 hours ago

    You really do suck at cooking

  • Иван Носов


  • Ladco77
    Ladco77  7 days ago

    How to cook perfect pasta: RTFM. I love it!!
    Oh, and the dish will taste better if you put a little pasta water in with it (or don't fully drain the pasta). The starch will help make a sauce with the garlic and oil so it won't be just oily pasta. That's probably a better tip for the bachelor pasta you'll make tomorrow night.

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar  7 days ago

    Anyone know the background music name ?

  • BaitLord
    BaitLord  7 days ago

    >Boiled water before putting pasta

    *Autistic Italian screeching deactivated

  • Cloverbows95 S
    Cloverbows95 S  7 days ago


  • Uapa500
    Uapa500  7 days ago

    It was going sooo well!
    I'm Italian and that's just like a simple tasty recipe!
    Though: no pepper. No parmesan.
    You just have it as it is OR you add some Pecorino Romano cheese 🙂

    And now I'm hungry 😐

  • Eureka L
    Eureka L  7 days ago

    Best break-up ever!!!

  • Kolamecp
    Kolamecp  7 days ago

    You didn't break up the pasta. Clickbait.

    (It's supposed to be a joke.)

  • Antonio Amendola
    Antonio Amendola  7 days ago +2

    I can honestly say that you do suck at cooking, that is the worst version of that dish I’ve ever seen done, I hope your viewership is not based the little skills that you have shown doing this very super simple dish

  • Pixicandy l
    Pixicandy l  7 days ago

    0:00 how every dexter episode starts off

  • Roz Sa
    Roz Sa  7 days ago

    As an Italian, if I ever find you, I'll murder you for this crime.

  • wasweesich
    wasweesich  7 days ago

    The "g" is silent...

  • fritzmaker
    fritzmaker  7 days ago

    Sonds like a made up word if you completly misspronounce it lol.

  • MaiSobri
    MaiSobri  7 days ago +1

    Dude , that's too much garlic. Usually it should be one piece every 2 people. Secondly, if you want it "al dente" remove it at least 1 minute before the indicated time and don't let the garlic burn. Another advice, Just put the pasta in the pan and let it mix. If you want to get pro, remove the pasta halfway the cooking, put it in the pan with some pasta water and let the boiling finish in the pan.

  • ukwerna
    ukwerna  7 days ago

    hahahaa...just found this channel...gooood stuff :D

  • Luca Giovanni Nieddu

    Paper inside hammered pasta? D e l i c i o u s

  • mini mations
    mini mations  7 days ago

    you forgot the lemon juice

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong  14 days ago

    This is the 1st shit that did not get apeshit like any other video.