I Dressed Like It Was 1967

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 31, 2017
  • I styled 3 outfits inspired by the popular fashions of fifty years ago! As 2017 comes to a close, I figured I would close out our decades through fashion series with a style video of clothes from half a century ago, in 1967. From the mods to the caftans to the hippies, 1967 was a defining year in music, culture, and fashion - and also a fun year to ~wear~ around! Which outfit was your favorite?

    A huge thanks to Kayley Melissa for rocking out this 60s hair! You can check out her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCctj...

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  • Safiya Nygaard  (Dec 31, 2017))

    HAPPY NEW YEARS FRIENDS!!! pls enjoy the last video of 2017, the finale (for now) of our decades through fashion videos!! maybe we'll do some more next year, but probably mix up the format a lil bit. thank u all for sticking around through 2017, i can't wait to share what we have planned in 2018 with u all! xoxo, saf

  • PICKLO FO LIFE  (Jan 6, 2019))

    It's 2019 know😃😄😀ikr

  • Now it's 2019!

  • SuperJanGames  (Jan 1, 2018))

    I really, really love these videos. Not only are they so much fun to watch, but I actually learn a lot as well. I love how much work you put into your videos! And I love when Tyler gets involved, too!

  • Lovegrayson Dolan  (Jul 30, 2018))

    NicholasX11 then don't watch them

  • ClarinetKid07  (Jul 30, 2018))

    these videos suck

  • junbug1029  (Oct 3, 2018))

    I was 13 in 1967, first outfit, nailed it. We wore shift dresses, poor boy sweaters and plaid skirts. Yes, we wore white lipstick and Capezio shoes. The maxi dress, or caftan, was typically worn by women for evening events. We teens stayed with the minis. Your hippie look is too nice and put together, they wore random pieces and were dirty. You did a great job!

  • Stacey Kersting  (Feb 8, 2019))

    +Kimberly Haines It was a regional thing, too. The parents hated it, but us rebel types did it anyway, like go to school in your little goody 2 shoes dress, change into some great crazy outfit and skip out to go play in the park...concerts, weed, dancing,,,just bustin' loose a bit.When I hit the west coast it was culture shock. They dressed all square like the Brady bunch.

  • Stacey Kersting  (Feb 8, 2019))

    I'm still a hippie...always been a soap n water girl, tho. Here in Oregon, there are tons of hippies...wn't say they're any dirtier than the general population, Many amazing artists, musicians, performers, organic foods. It's a be who u want kinda thing.

  • Caramel Rabbit  (Aug 20, 2018))

    The green dress made me think of Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls

  • Phoebe  (Jan 26, 2019))

    Caramel Rabbit same!!!

  • ANA BARCENAS QUEZADA  (Jan 25, 2019))


  • Midnight Wolf  (Aug 6, 2018))

    In the 2nd outfit you looked like you were from star wars

  • Brianna Greeley  (3 days ago))

    I was looking for this comment 🤣😂

  • Phoebe  (Jan 26, 2019))

    Midnight Wolf omg yas 😂😂

  • Phoebe Terre'Blanche  (Aug 1, 2018))

    As soon as you said "Look at my bush, look how huge it is" I had to like the video 😂😂😂👌👌👌

  • Kayley Melissa  (Dec 31, 2017))

    My mission to make Safiya's hair long has finally been completed!! Also, team thiccy!

  • Reagan Luker  (Jan 19, 2019))

    @Kayley Melissa I love your videos and you really inspire me and my hairstyles. And I am braid addicted too.

  • Susie Synth  (Jan 8, 2019))

    You did a phenomenal job!!! Beautiful work 👏🏼💜

  • Danny Jane  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Do you mind if I get nit-picky? I was 19 in 1967, so I know the fashions--and I actually wore that first outfit! Well, close anyway. I had the lime green dress, the hair, stockings, but not the shoes. Actual 60's heels are hard to find, but you come really close. Pumps were more popular than MJs. They had square toes and lower heels. The white hose is on point, but more fashionable would have been fishnet/pointe d'sprit. You nailed the makeup and hair. I didn't have the bangs, but most of my f...

  • Payton Labonte  (Jan 20, 2019))

    Ok your not a judge

  • top Animation  (Dec 31, 2018))

    ooooo ok thx for explaining

  • Galactic Guru  (Jul 26, 2018))

    Go harder, 'I Dressed Like It Was 1887'

  • Isabel Macias  (1 day ago))

    Galactic Guru please do that!

  • Claudia Rulz  (Oct 1, 2018))

    Anyone watching in 1967?

  • • teacup •  (6 days ago))

    I'm watching in 1347...

  • Nah, I'm watching in 1939. By the way, Hitler wanted to say hi.