SALVAGE HAIL DAMAGE CAR CHEAP! NEW Mustang GT Destroyed easy to fix but is it worth a rebuild?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 11, 2017
  • Make sure to watch my follow up video regarding these 2 cars:'s review what gets damaged on cars in a hail storm, then we'll review a new Mustang GT and a new Hyundai Sonata, the massive discount we can get buying them, and discuss final pricing after rebuilding.Copart Fees Calculator:


  • Samcrac  1 years ago

    Hey everyone I've added my follow up to this video explaining my thoughts on the value and work associated with these 2 cars:

  • Radbug  13 days ago

    It sounds like someone who can do their own body work could potentially build a successful business fixing and reselling these hail damaged cars.

  • Dona Varghese  8 months ago

    How much will be 2016 accord exl with hail damage cost to repair??

  • hyperfocal2002  1 years ago

    The Mustang might be worth it if you want to drive it for some time or modify for a track day car. Don't think it would be a good flip, though.The Sonata will be a huge loser.

  • Kyle Fortner  12 days ago

    @chdreturns what? So swap out the 460 hp v8 for... what?

  • Jimmy Grant  2 months ago

    04dram04 and now their parts are becoming more and more expensive and their depreciation is getting worse and worse.

  • Random Someone  1 years ago

    this may sound odd... but most videos on youtube contain so much "filler" if you will. Your videos are the exception to the rule. nearly every sentence you speak contains valuable knowledge. ... for this i applaude you my friend. Keep up the good work!

  • Fz06 Ridah ACC  9 months ago

    I agree, I’m not even looking into rebuilding car but motorcycle.

  • FishFind3000  1 years ago

    Everyone wants to be at 10min otherwise no ad money. It really ruins content.

  • BLISSFUL FAPPER  1 years ago

    I was just checking online at the closest Hyundai dealer to me and they are offering 8,000 off the msrp for the Sonata. so no it's not worth it. you can get a new with clear title for less.

  • BLISSFUL FAPPER Yes, theres your problem. Most people run from salvage title cars anyways. I used to buy great cars with salvage titles but the guys rebuilding them are losing their asses. I had a friend that stopped doing it because he was only breaking even. Not good if you have three weeks worth of time into a car, not to mention the money. He bought accident cars, not hail damage cars. Most body shops wont even touch them and insurance companys gladly write them off.

  • Persi A.  1 years ago

    I agree!

  • Sam G  1 years ago

    Hail vehicles are great if you do your own work and plan to keep it. If you are trying to make a profit, you will have a hard time. They cost too much from the auction, and they can take a ton of work to repair.

  • Keith Knott II  1 years ago

    Id do the minimum to the body of the mustang.Repair the glass and fender/lights. Id use the darn thing for a hack around car. I wouldn't be afraid of a few new dents or scratches. As more time passes..used parts would come available or aftermarket pieces at discounted prices(supply and demand).As long as the car was able to be driven,safe,and kept me safe and dry, I could stand that it looks like Dookie.

  • Jim Jenkins  1 years ago

    With a salvage title these are going to be hard to make a profit on that justifies the risk.

  • dvdfrnzwbr  1 years ago

    I dont mind a dent as long as the paint isn't cracked or chipped, because that could lead to rust.

  • Chris Searls  1 years ago

    You could probably drive a new $23K Sonata off the lot for $21K with only light negotiation. Buying that salvage title Sonata, plus the headache of doing all the repairs, and having a vehicle that will always have a lower resale value for years seems hardly worth the trouble IMHO!

  • Mahesh Mohan  1 years ago

    Chris Searls yeah but when u can get it maximum of 8 or 9k of repair and the initial price your getting a new reliable car that will last 10 or so years.

  • Deon Singh  1 years ago

    Some people buy them and fix them and resell them at their own little dealerships

  • tyler238  1 years ago

    Id never spend 20k on a car thats "considered" salvaged

  • CoC Master  26 days ago

    @Fz06 Ridah ACC nope,parts for repair would be very expensive...

  • Hugppyz  5 months ago

    tyler238 what If original price is like 65,000, 20k is a great deal

  • Finncone  1 years ago

    plastic body panels are what made saturn cars immune to hail damage. :)RIP saturn 1982-2010

  • Abesss  7 months ago

    My saturn is amazing. Probably the easiest car to work on I've ever seen

  • hairycat  9 months ago

    20 gallons of bondo and some paint you have plastic panels, easy

  • steve b  1 years ago

    i'd rather buy an hail damage car you will be able to see all the damage it as,buying one smashed up you never know whats hidden underneath,mustang would be worth a punt imo...