1.3 Billion XRP Moved Today So Far! Exchanges Funneling XRP To One Wallet? SBI VC New Logo! Launch?

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 19, 2019
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  • dayv kaos
    dayv kaos  1 months ago +11

    ニュース , noticias, news 22:29

  • Skillz Medina
    Skillz Medina  1 months ago +6

    Alex Cobb is like the little white brother I never had. Its like he's family.😂

  • m s
    m s  1 months ago +2

    Xrp another crypto winter after the next big run for the real money. If you can hold 5 to 7 years and iffffff Ripples current tragectory stays the saaaaame or better.
    You will be rich .hold.

  • Cheap Websites Today
    Cheap Websites Today  28 days ago +7

    Alex, where have you been this week?

  • david allison
    david allison  1 months ago

    What if we based the US dollar on bitcoin?

  • Stuart H
    Stuart H  1 months ago

    Still relying on BitMex? LOL...they are under CFTC investigation...at least you are not logged in.

  • Travis Schaefer
    Travis Schaefer  1 months ago

    It's been taking a few minutes to get xrp on coinbase after purchase, maybe this is why

  • Nareen Fellert
    Nareen Fellert  28 days ago

    When someone ask where is alex? he is taking a break this month. He'll be back beginning of August.

  • 1kgsxrk7
    1kgsxrk7  1 months ago +1

    Did Alex take a break? I must of missed something

  • Uncle Buster
    Uncle Buster  1 months ago

    Noone else got it half right in the world scammer or not

  • Peace Harmony
    Peace Harmony  28 days ago +3

    Is Alex Okay??

  • SBICO777
    SBICO777  1 months ago

    Highly disagree with Brad G. on this one! Trump’s tweet about crypto made no sense and was highly bias! I don’t see why Brad being at the level he is would agree.

  • lucidstates
    lucidstates  1 months ago

    I'm here too 😊

  • Chris O'Connor
    Chris O'Connor  1 months ago


  • Kisha Parker
    Kisha Parker  28 days ago

    It's 36million millionaires in the world...

  • lucidstates
    lucidstates  1 months ago


  • Bris Vegas
    Bris Vegas  1 months ago +1

    Hi Alex, do you think that Trump would try and ban Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in the near future in an attempt to try and squash them out of the financial sector?