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  • Published on:  Friday, April 12, 2019
  • Jonny Smith takes us on a tour of the Geneva Motor Show electric cars. 5 years ago there may have been one or two cars on display with a plug. Now there are dozens. Next year there will be 100's.
    Some are fantasies that will never se the light of day, some are already in production and thankfully Jonny has the experience to tell the difference.

    00:53 Kia Imagine concept car
    04:40 (Smart EQ) Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition
    06:24 Smart Forease+ concept
    10:14 Citroën AMI 1 concept quadricycle/voiture sans permis
    12:34 HONDA Honda RC213V Repsol 93 Marquez motorbike (not electric!)
    12:42 Italdesign DaVinci concept
    14:31 GFG Style Kangaroo Leggera
    15:44 Honda ePrototype
    16:08 Mercedes Concept EQV electric
    18:30 Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer
    20:08 Seat Minimo
    22:05 Cupra Formentor concept
    23:49 Skoda Vision iV
    26:27 Lagonda All-Terrain Concept
    31:31 Mazda MX5 (not electric!)
    32:12 Volkswagen ID. Buggy

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    Presented by Jonny Smith @carpervert


  • eDrive
    eDrive  6 months ago +187

    Electric driving is coming more and more to the daily market
    Whether you like it or not, it's the future car power.

  • Chris Newman
    Chris Newman  2 days ago

    Good evening=gueten oobe

  • Suparna Saha
    Suparna Saha  4 days ago

    10000000 likes from me to kia

  • akim ishchayil
    akim ishchayil  5 days ago

    Joe is unprofessional he keeps interrupting everyone. They should remove him and give the show to Mika

  • Hasan Idris
    Hasan Idris  5 days ago

    it is time for the oil producing countries to look after more sky is the limit.they shall be begging ,crying for the then the world shall be a safe heaven,unspoil ,unexploited.opec stop dreaming of price hike.

  • quacksackerthegreat Starfire

    One bad thing about electric cars is they're going to put a lot of people in the current Auto industry, both in production, after market parts and repair shops out of work

  • TEKKEN EnterMyDragon

    Future is NOW

  • brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap

    Knows nothing about automobile production......

    I reckon it can be done sooner.



    Eat a dick

  • S Wizzard
    S Wizzard  7 days ago

    Too bad Jonny is only allowed to look at ugly cars.

  • S Wizzard
    S Wizzard  7 days ago

    Even Brabus can't make a smart car appealing. Those can't really be drum brakes on the rear wheels.

  • Chris Simandl
    Chris Simandl  7 days ago

    cool detail is the I.D. Buggy's accelerator & brake pedal having the "Play" triangle logo and "Pause" double-hashmark on the pedals :-)

  • AstronomyABC
    AstronomyABC  7 days ago

    Get VBH on board. Jeepers what an ultimo babe. Top,. middle and bottom.

  • Matthew Bruce
    Matthew Bruce  14 days ago

    Whats the song near the start?

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt  14 days ago

    I hate it that they don't revive the Ole Roadster to EV

  • Whitney Lake
    Whitney Lake  14 days ago

    Keep this channel forEVer !! Thank you always

  • V K
    V K  14 days ago

    just get us something with 4 wheels preferably, that works & is affordable, forget all this concept expensive vehicles till everyone has something workable.

  • Merrick Gould
    Merrick Gould  14 days ago

    Mobility stations in the works

  • Merrick Gould
    Merrick Gould  14 days ago


  • Merrick Gould
    Merrick Gould  14 days ago

    Slot cars from the 1960s

  • robinrutschman
    robinrutschman  21 days ago +1

    29:51 Almost all these cars are "Luxury" rated which means they are too expensive for the common man. WHERE are the practical cars for the majority of us!?!