Barstool Pizza Review - Canyon Pizza (State College, PA)

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 21, 2019
  • Dave is in State College and reviews the most famous drunk slice on campus.

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  • Ralphie May's Ghost

    Even Chuck E Cheese got a 6.0. If you cant beat 6 you totally suck.

  • Ethan Donald '20
    Ethan Donald '20  7 days ago +1

    Damn man

  • Brad A
    Brad A  7 days ago

    I give your review lower than a 3.

  • samxyx
    samxyx  14 days ago

    Canyon is a straight 11/10 when it's 2am on a Saturday

  • Buns Loco
    Buns Loco  21 days ago

    You can’t get a cheese slice for $4 in LA

  • spankkky beast
    spankkky beast  21 days ago

    Try big y pizza it's horrible

  • harry dixson
    harry dixson  21 days ago

    I ate Bar S hotdogs in college. I’d gladly pay 8 for a shitty pizza. That could have lasted me a few days.

  • Joe Schroeder
    Joe Schroeder  21 days ago

    El prez is brutally honest

  • Nairb O.
    Nairb O.  21 days ago

    It's not like it says Sandusky. Lol

  • PlasticPellets
    PlasticPellets  21 days ago

    Dave Portnoy is Chris Morgan

  • exoticnoise46636
    exoticnoise46636  28 days ago

    Wtf fuck is going on with sesame street and the autistic puppet? Fucking every video has this ad. Am i the only one?

  • Jeffrey Jewell
    Jeffrey Jewell  28 days ago

    Which sucked more the pizza or sandusky’s students ?

  • MrErnieHanks
    MrErnieHanks  28 days ago +5

    Crowd laughter piped in like a cheesy sitcom, everyone knows the rules

  • Dean K
    Dean K  28 days ago +1

    Get with the times Portnoy. Everyone knows JoePa did exactly what he was supposed to.

  • sgfreak96
    sgfreak96  28 days ago

    2.8 but damn I miss it

  • belia1313 Lastes
    belia1313 Lastes  28 days ago

    Can't stand it when a crowd of people hams it up for the camera so cheesy and queasy

  • gotdang juju
    gotdang juju  28 days ago

    Shitty 🍕

  • Jeff Tranguch
    Jeff Tranguch  28 days ago

    Pres you have to go to Senape's pizza in Hazelton, PA. Order the Bar style well done.

  • Kahmoj
    Kahmoj  28 days ago

    Hey my sister works there, cool

  • Jay Ny
    Jay Ny  28 days ago +1