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  • thedarkemissary
    thedarkemissary  a years ago +802

    You floated right past my uncle's house. Haven't been back in 10 years. Brings back memories. Thanks.

  • Jincess S
    Jincess S  a years ago +1191

    "Sea monsters have nothing on Asians. We eat 'em all" Best line by Mike Chen ever 😂😂

  • Indie-A-tom
    Indie-A-tom  a years ago +443

    Mike and banh mi lady, a platonic love story. Soon on theaters.

    LINDA XU  a years ago +82

    gordon ramsay said that pork noodle soup cooked by this toothless lady on vietnam boat market was the best dish hes ever eaten check out season 4 episode 21 masterchef for the episode

  • 똥싸야돼
    똥싸야돼  a years ago +179

    legend says that mike is still looking for the Bánh mì lady

  • Judah Sebastian
    Judah Sebastian  a years ago +316

    Might be my favorite video so far, fantastic! Beautiful country, beautiful people, delicious food!

  • Man La
    Man La  a years ago +296

    I love how you capture the bustle of life in this video. The people, their faces and the areas they live in. This particular one hit home because I went back to Vietnam a year ago and it was my first time in 27 years and I too went on a boat ride to these floating markets. I relished every moment of it. I was 2 when I left my home country. It was very emotional for me going back to a place I should've known about but clearly didn't.
    I'm glad someone who is not native, like you, can truly enjoy what it means to visit a different country and get really into the roots of what makes it tick.
    Thank you for this Mike, this is why I subscribed to you. Cheers friend.
    Also, your boat captain kinda resembles my uncle and he loves to sing too. xP

  • Tony Sky
    Tony Sky  a years ago +230

    This is literally one of the most beautiful videos you have done, could you showcase more of these please. Thank you.

  • B the ginger kitty
    B the ginger kitty  a years ago +345

    Hope someone finds that auntie, may the quest someday be fulfilled!

  • bellaxfatal
    bellaxfatal  a years ago +94

    Great video! Everyone and everything is so colourful. I also love that everyone you see has a smile on their face. All the food looks so delish, I want to eat it all! I love the noodle hammocks. They are really little works of art. And, the lady making the crowns and the animals from the leaves is also amazing. Thank you so much for sharing all of that, and so much more with us. Hopefully, I will be able to experience it first hand, some day. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see your next video!

  • Shoobedooby
    Shoobedooby  a years ago +131

    Wow, I was definitely blown away with this video. It was a relaxing experience, as well as a TV quality production right here. Great job Mike!

  • Toni Pham
    Toni Pham  a years ago +39

    That is some high-key Vietnamese musci you've put into that video

  • Shredder Nation
    Shredder Nation  a years ago +68

    Bahn Mi Lady where you at though?? 😂😂😂

  • Thao
    Thao  a years ago +98

    That intro music is literally my jam 😍

  • gorilla glue
    gorilla glue  a years ago +28

    My stepmom is Vietnamese and she cuts pineapple that way. It's so pretty, I love it.

  • Sophie Pham
    Sophie Pham  a years ago +22

    My parents were born and raised in Vietnam for about 20 years, and moved to the Philippines, then to Washington, and then to Nevada where we still live now. They were very poor, and would tell me stories of life in Vietnam. Coming from your point of view and your perspective of the culture was refreshing since I can relate (I eat Vietnamese food though, and I speak the language) Vietnam is truly beautiful, and you’ve shown me everything from a non-native point of view. Thanks bruthah.

  • Asap_Rai
    Asap_Rai  a years ago +67

    Probably one of the best videos you’ve did. Great editing

  • Aaliyah Jean
    Aaliyah Jean  a years ago +40

    Am i the only one that didn't know Mike has a tv show on Amazon Prime called Simply Dumpling???

  • Harshal Bavdankar
    Harshal Bavdankar  a years ago +29

    I have to say this since iam early. Your videos are extremely relaxing to watch and it is great to see someone do something which they are truly passionate about. I hope i can travel and eat delicious food like you do one day.A fan from india.

  • K' birdie
    K' birdie  a years ago +38

    Bazinga! T-shirt, Sheldon Cooper fan here :D