DO TEENS KNOW 90s ANIME? (REACT: Do They Know It?)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 26, 2016
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    The teens give their reaction to popular 90s Anime, but do they know the shows?

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    The following episode featured the following Reactors:
    Becca, age 15
    Chelsea, age 18
    Claudia, age 14
    Darius, age 16
    Eric, age 19
    Everhet, age 16
    Jasser, age 19
    Labib, age 19
    Morgan, age 19
    Rae, age 16

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  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell  3 years ago +28

    7:42 everyone says "Pokemon"

  • debyang Tone
    debyang Tone  3 years ago +6

    I've seen most of them.. But my fav are naruto, lupin, wedding peach, fushigi yu gi, and ghost fighter.. 😍😍😍

  • Eric Grimes
    Eric Grimes  3 years ago +48

    it's over 9000

  • Derick Mendez
    Derick Mendez  3 years ago +500

    I want to see these guys be quizzed on like Marvel/DC stuff

  • owen
    owen  3 years ago +10

    I'm 11 and I knew all of them but neon genesis

  • Quest4Cabbage
    Quest4Cabbage  3 years ago +124

    I wasn't even alive in the 90's yet, I still knew all these shows! (Pulls out sailor moon figures)

  • LT. FURY
    LT. FURY  3 years ago +155

    teens react to madoka magic

  • LT. FURY
    LT. FURY  3 years ago +8

    madoka magic

  • LT. FURY
    LT. FURY  3 years ago +1

    got all right I'm not called Epicanimemaster99 on instagram

  • Nali Nube
    Nali Nube  3 years ago +3

    This would be so much cooler if it was in my language...

  • Britni Perkins
    Britni Perkins  3 years ago +1676

    A bunch have already mentioned it. The girl who said she watches anime and should know them lol no. You knew like 3. Please step aside.

  • Kezayah Eberhart
    Kezayah Eberhart  3 years ago +3

    I wasn't even born in the 90s and I got most of them

  • Allie C.
    Allie C.  3 years ago +2

    I've ain't ever seen a tiddie before and i know all of them

  • The Benacuda
    The Benacuda  3 years ago +2918

    I expected ranma 1/2

  • Paulina Ortiz Gonz‡lez

    Teens react to Sailor Moon Crystal

  • Sadankblast
    Sadankblast  3 years ago +68

    one peice wasn't ther

  • cptjohanson
    cptjohanson  3 years ago +10

    Shoulda had Great Teacher Onizuka. That show was hilarious

  • ObcureTwin
    ObcureTwin  3 years ago +163

    Knew every single one of these. Watched them all except for neon genesis

    SSG GOKU  3 years ago +2

    goku vageta way to go🔥 hame hame ha!!!!!!!

  • This Sweet Psycho Dest
    This Sweet Psycho Dest  3 years ago +2

    I love all Anime and I knew all of them and I am only 12