GFI System Synesthesia Pt.2 - 15 New Algorithms

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 20, 2020
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    If you caught my first demo of the GFI System Synesthesia, I showed you just how powerful this dual DSP modulation machine is.
    But since then, Firmware V2 has given this multi-effect pedal not only bug fixes but 15 new algorithms, Symmlab editor updates and a long awaited Rotary Speaker emulator.

    The dual DSP architecture allows the Rotary effect to be divided in two: the bass rotor on one channel and the treble horn on another. Primary controls offer fine tuning of each rotor’s min/max speed as well as intensity, acceleration time and mix. But most crucial in a rotary effect is ramping between fast and slow speeds, so by holding either footswitch, the Synesthesia knows to trigger both rotors to change speeds at the same time.
    Familiar effects from the original firmware like Tremolo, Formant, Phaser and Flanger have been given their own arpeggiated mode, where stepped waveforms in various patterns give these classic effects a whole new application. You can take it a STEP further by plugging into your computer and running the new Symmlab Arp editor for greater refinement of the Arpeggiator steps and patterns.
    Lastly, there are some serious sonic manipulators like Ring Modulator and Bit Crusher, plus very powerful filtering algorithms like Parametric EQ which can help carve out classic modulation effects and provide a really powerful lead boost. The Pressed Junk algorithm adds comp, dirt and vibrato all in one for lo-fi tones while, Record Antics and Phono Filtering work hand in hand to deliver vintage record player effects or even extreme filtering for intercom or megaphone effects. The Symmlab editor makes the firmware V2 update very easy and GFI System have included very clear instructions here:

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