Smooth Jazz for Kids

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 3, 2017
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  • Sian Washington
    Sian Washington  10 months ago +2

    Definitely kids jazz I would recomend it for all parents for their kids so they can do homework and music

  • Elsa Ann Harris
    Elsa Ann Harris  4 months ago +1

    This helps me to relax and sleep

  • Yolanda Ford
    Yolanda Ford  a years ago +8

    My students listen to this during naptime. It totally relaxes everyone in class!!!!

  • Ciara White
    Ciara White  5 months ago +4

    I ❤ this! It is very good to relax and to do your homework and if you have trouble sleeping. I recommend this for students, teachers, babys and adults!! This is perfect!👌

  • Eli Elayna
    Eli Elayna  10 months ago +4

    My daughter is sound asleep right now because of this video 🤗 it almost got me too! I had to snap out of it to write this comment 😂 will definitely be playing this every night THANKS 🙏🏼

  • Mubashir -
    Mubashir -  2 months ago +2

    WoW that's is so good I just get sleepy 😴😌 and I love jazz music

  • Sonya Greene
    Sonya Greene  a years ago +4

    I just found this this morning and pushed play. One of my students began to sing the clarinet part almost immediately. All the students conversations with their partners were no more than a whisper as they completed their ELA assignment. THANK YOU to whom ever posted this. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Ras Mind
    Ras Mind  a years ago +7

    Could you provide a tracklist? Really like the mix, well done!!

  • LittleSirBunni - The Cringe Master

    im a 2nd grade teacher my students are gonna love this!

  • Jordan Gibbs
    Jordan Gibbs  a years ago +5

    I ❤️❤️jazz it helps make me fall asleep 😴.

  • Mary Plan
    Mary Plan  a years ago +1

    Hi nice music

  • kidmaker yt
    kidmaker yt  a years ago +4

    This love this music slot because it helps me calm down when I am angery and it helps me meditat LOVE IT <33333

  • Clarrisa Lall
    Clarrisa Lall  7 months ago +3

    best for studying keep it up

  • Adreana Rucker
    Adreana Rucker  4 months ago +2

    beautiful sound track

  • us and them
    us and them  4 months ago +2

    ****for Kids****
    NAY, for anyone with ears!

  • Kevin Reed
    Kevin Reed  9 months ago +4

    Lovin' it! I started out screening this for my kids, but ended up listening to it while I work! Great, beautiful music! Great job!

  • JaTess MySG
    JaTess MySG  a years ago +4

    Przyjemnie....Bardzo przyjemnie.Nice....Very nice

  • serenity flie
    serenity flie  a years ago +2

    This is sleep music for me😴

  • Shay Squad
    Shay Squad  a years ago +1

    Hey it is cute to see the kids sleep because of this😍

  • DanTheLegendaryCrafter //DanTLC

    MrBerry watch this (8.1)