Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio & Margot Robbie Bond In Cannes

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • While speaking at presser for "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in Cannes, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio said they forged a "cinematic bond" making the Quentin Tarantino film. Plus, Margot Robbie shares how she prepared for her role as Sharon Tate.

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  • Emil Wallin
    Emil Wallin  1 months ago

    dislike for music

  • Rampage Clover
    Rampage Clover  2 months ago

    Movie sucks balls...these guys arent actors anymore...they’re stars

  • Impire Uday
    Impire Uday  3 months ago

    brad pitt looks Awesome in Bat man

  • Mice Vasilevski III
    Mice Vasilevski III  3 months ago

    You play in great scenarios and scenes

  • Roy Sherpa
    Roy Sherpa  3 months ago

    The only movie m waiting for in 2019.I feel like somebody heard my wishes to see brad,Leo,Al Pacino and the only Quentin Tarantino in a same movie

  • Ricardo Laudico
    Ricardo Laudico  3 months ago +5

    Leo is a great speaker and storyteller. Brad’s career path seems neither here nor there. He should have gone the action route like Keanu or Tom.

  • Asha Ashuuu
    Asha Ashuuu  3 months ago +2

    Leo the angel 😻😘 love you a loads n loads💕

  • The Dreamer
    The Dreamer  3 months ago +9

    Brad Pitt and Leo in the same film Okay!!

  • K G
    K G  3 months ago

    K.G. LUV ✌ 🍻

  • LifeOfNate
    LifeOfNate  3 months ago +20

    I usually never pay to see movies that aren't marvel related or John wick related but when you put Brad Pitt and leo in the same movie directed by Quentin Tarantino it's hard not to go

  • aryan rathore
    aryan rathore  3 months ago +7

    Please dont be another dunkirk.. pretty please..

  • whatever9042
    whatever9042  3 months ago

    Who’s better looking Leo or Brad?

  • Enrique Nieto
    Enrique Nieto  3 months ago +1

    No digo que las películas de Tarantino no sean buenas, pero siempre son muy predecibles, lo único espectacular que veo es que junto dos actores que son iconos en su medio 👀

  • Xavi Neira
    Xavi Neira  3 months ago

    Damn this is too much class

  • Luna Reeves
    Luna Reeves  3 months ago +53

    3 hottest blondes all together 😂😍👍

  • Джей Стінн
    Джей Стінн  3 months ago +1

    Margot and Leo should get married

  • Mary Chela
    Mary Chela  3 months ago +3

    Leonardo is so cute and he look so healthy ... brad look old and a little broken ...he lost his strength after Angelina ... 🤭😬

  • Stefano BAGGIO
    Stefano BAGGIO  3 months ago

    Where is Al Pacino ? 🤔

  • Riley Dinkleman
    Riley Dinkleman  3 months ago +2

    They’re both guna DP Margo

  • Shahrzad
    Shahrzad  3 months ago +7

    Love Brad pitt