Relaxing Sleep Music and Night Nature Sounds: Soft Crickets, Beautiful Piano, Fall Asleep Fast

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 6, 2019
  • Relaxing piano music and gentle summer night ambience with cricket sounds (3 hours) perfect as sleep music, meditation music, stress relief music, study music, and peaceful background music.⭐ Subscribe to Dream Sounds to stay updated on future uploads ►✨ Relaxing music playlist ► ►iTunes: Included~1. Beautiful You2. Smile3. Forever4. Moonlit Walk5. In a Field of Daisies6. Golden Rose7. When I Awoke8. Show Me The Sky9. Gleam**********************I want you to feel at peace. That is why I began this channel: to offer a space for you to rebalance the relationship between your mind and body through beautiful and calming music. I have composed each note with the intention of offering you an aural respite from the noise of everyday life. Sometimes work, school, difficult times etc. can be overwhelming, but I've always found that being surrounded by music has made all these circumstances more bearable for me. My hope is that my music can do the same for you.Love,Clarisse xo**********************~Follow Dream Sounds~Facebook:


  • Dream Sounds
    Dream Sounds  1 months ago +176

    Thank you so much for watching! :) Hope this helps you relax 💖

  • Paradise Soon
    Paradise Soon  1 months ago +121

    I really needed this tonight I have chronic fybromyalgia fatigue
    And my heart is in failure and can’t breath
    But I put the light on dime sd my prayers and am relaxing to this .
    Your a gem 💎

  • jisoo mariam
    jisoo mariam  21 days ago +98

    Goodnight to you , you are a good person , sleep now , god bless you

  • O K
    O K  23 hours ago +2

    This brings to me into a new world. It is the key of a secret door.

  • Brenda J
    Brenda J  22 hours ago +2

    💜Goodnight everyone 🌌
    I hope you enjoy the little things in life and continue to grow and move forward. All the things you want will come your way, it's just taking time to find you💜🍀& Thank you Dream Sounds for these beautiful melodies 💕🌟

  • warvin19
    warvin19  yesterday +2

    I am now in a camp in the middle of the sahara dessert.. and this makes me feel at home in asia. At our province with all the crickets outside my simple house... and im starting to cry 😥

  • Infamous
    Infamous  7 days ago +21

    Insomnia strugglers will (me included) thank you...because of the calm aura.... I wasn't able to sleep, but I felt refreshed and relaxed, the music is calming...and it was fun to stare at the fireflies...

  • Roberto Montes
    Roberto Montes  7 days ago +19

    My extreme gratefulness and thankfulness for your gracious music it makes me go back to my childhood growing up in the country😊🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🙏🙏🙏🎶🎶👏👏👏👏👏

  • Emma Musgrave
    Emma Musgrave  28 days ago +38

    I've been searching forever to find the right music to sleep. This is perfect! I can finally get some rest after hours of still being awake
    Thank you for this!!! I LOVE IT

  • m y e u p h o r i a
    m y e u p h o r i a  2 days ago +2

    So this is what relaxtion feels like huh? Thank you for letting me feel this way for 3 and a half hours 😚😚 never felt so airy and zoned out in my entire life.

  • Gaby Granados
    Gaby Granados  22 hours ago

    it's amazing but ...... lasts 3 hours of my life; ) but I still liked it well done

  • Ebrar Zaim
    Ebrar Zaim  1 months ago +20

    I'm writing a book right now and as soon as I click on this video I start to get sleepy! Crap! I don't wanna sleep!
    Beautiful by the way! Saying hello from a Turkish American

  • F2A [F2theA]
    F2A [F2theA]  11 hours ago

    this is so calm and really makin me in a dream of peaceful places~ thankyou for this video i got to sleep well and dreaming about somethin nice.. thankyou for you hard work!

  • Jeremy Naraine
    Jeremy Naraine  1 months ago +59

    Love this thank you. I like the purple tulips and the wonderful sky.Congratulations on 11,000 subscribers. ☺

  • Wolfrina The musical wolf

    I to slepy to right now
    I legit gonna fall asleep

  • John Caines
    John Caines  14 days ago +22

    alright i might pass out on my keyboagfkllkfdjvha';fmkgbop]R

  • ADDICTED Yah super addicted

    i didn't sleep cause it made me cry .make me cry for the wonderful notes😭

  • Nadine Kemp
    Nadine Kemp  4 days ago +4

    Thank You Clarisse for this beautiful, peaceful, relaxing music it is amazing!!! I LOVE the piano, My Mom use to play it all the time and I loved sitting and listening and watching her play it was extraordinary and a memory I will forever cherish and I will forever love the piano 😍 I lost My Mom in 2014 to Alzheimer's & Dimentia and it has been extremely hard on me since My Mom passed I have lost myself completely she was My hero, My idol, My BFF, a Co-Worker side by side for 15 years working together and I have had such a hard time in MY life since My Mom died I have lost everything I owned and am now at the age of 51 having to start all over again and I have struggled to find Peace within myself and listening to this music the piano the crickets, I was born and raised in the Country just helps me to feed so much closer to My Mom in my dreams. So I thank you so deeply from my heart for composing this music and sharing it with us all you really don't know how much this has helped me with Me and thank you for bringing me closer to such beautiful memories with My Mom she is My #1 Guardian Angel soaring high above me watching Me. THANK YOU CLARISSE you are an amazing and talented musician, Please keep your music goin so it can touch someone else's heart and soul like it has mine. God Bless You!!!!

    NATALIE DESAUTELS  14 days ago +21

    This helped me sleep so well I, normally cannot sleep with music but this helped a lot for me

  • neng unnie
    neng unnie  21 days ago +23

    So relaxing and the background is so magical. Goodnight.