Smarter than a Smart TV! (Raspberry Pi Inside)

  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 8, 2022
  • This thing isn't a TV; it's a display! It costs more than a smart TV, but it also doesn't spy on you, so that's nice.

    Thanks to Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America for sending the display, speakers, stand, and Compute Module kit used in this video.

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    Mentioned in this video:

    - NEC UHD Professional Display M551:
    - MPI4E Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 addon:
    - Intel Smart Display Module:
    - Crab Rave:
    - What Does the Fox Say?
    - Lincoln-Binns Compute Module 4 Enclosures:


    00:00 - Not a TV
    01:22 - Everywhere but GameStop
    02:20 - Raspberry Pi Inside
    03:11 - MediaPlayer on the Pi
    05:04 - RetroPie
    05:32 - LibreELEC / Kodi
    06:03 - Native Linux on a TV?
    06:23 - Why so expensive?
    07:27 - Gaming?
    08:22 - Alternatives