Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 5 - Which One to Buy?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 10, 2019
  • Considering an Apple Watch and wonder if the difference between the Series 3 and Series 5 is big enough to justify the price? Check out this video!

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    MLG_PANCAKE 310XD  4 hours ago

    When are they adding a health bar.

  • The Lawings
    The Lawings  21 hours ago

    It may also be worth noting that although the Series 3 does get the watch OS 6 update, it does not include certain watch faces introduced on the series 4. When I got my husband a series 3 he was so bummed when it didn’t have the “white face on all the advertisements” lol.

  • vino patel
    vino patel  yesterday

    I’m going home you tomorrow morning

  • Dale Dietsch
    Dale Dietsch  2 days ago

    Getting older and thinking the EKG, SOS Fallen, better GPS especially when driving the country and there is no cellular are all excellent reasons to go 5. I have a horrible tendency to hit my watch face on doors, keeping walking too close.... sapphire crystal is always my choice plus micro scratches bug me...... Not to mention AT&T Plus plan you can get a Series 5 with all the bells and whistles for $25/mo.

  • mneri84
    mneri84  2 days ago

    I have a 3 since 2018. Not impressed with using it for running. Would maybe go back to Fitbit.

  • Rohan Nanchahil
    Rohan Nanchahil  2 days ago

    What do you personally think which watch is better also take the price in mind

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee  2 days ago

    How is the new Apple Watch’s heart health monitor better than the 3 besides a EKG?

  • Parisa Hatef
    Parisa Hatef  2 days ago +1

    My Apple Watch 3 never pairs with my iPhone 11😡😡😡so I got series 5
    I think Apple does it on purpose and it’s not fair

  • Linda Cleveland
    Linda Cleveland  3 days ago

    I put the serial number in to see how much Apple would give me for a trade in for my series 3 lte and they said they would give me $60! No way will I give it up now.

  • Joshua W
    Joshua W  3 days ago

    I don't really watch tech videos or comment on videos but I appreciate how informational this video was and the simple and easy to understand edits.

  • Ten and Win
    Ten and Win  3 days ago

    The Apple Watch 3 is 38mm & 42mm

  • Tony Price
    Tony Price  4 days ago

    The condensed version of this video is, “The AW5 is awesome. The AW3 sucks. That is all”. Thank me later for the 14 minutes I just saved you.

  • Dislimb
    Dislimb  4 days ago

    The H in Hermes is silent.

  • Kelly Petersen
    Kelly Petersen  4 days ago

    I have a Apple Watch 1 so looking to upgrade lol

  • Caleb
    Caleb  4 days ago +1

    Can anyone tell me what straps he had on the watches? I really like them and I don’t know what to type in to buy them

  • Craig Mangio
    Craig Mangio  4 days ago

    Thanks for the info. Question , for surfing with a wetsuit over the watch ? Does that effect the watch when something is covering it or rubbing up against the face , like a tight wetsuit ? For using this watch in water , swimming , surfing in all temps , is the 5 better than the 3 ? tx for any insight

  • Prettypineapple
    Prettypineapple  4 days ago

    Why is 4 so limited?... but 3 you can still buy pretty much everywhere more easily??

  • RCDubya
    RCDubya  4 days ago

    Don’t have either, so this has been very helpful. Non watch question, though. What is the function of the secondary, smaller band that you’re wearing?

  • Peyton Mann
    Peyton Mann  4 days ago

    Your wearing the 3 upside down lol

  • universalask
    universalask  5 days ago

    Is the 3 slower