If You Don’t Know, Now You Know - Asian Nations Reject Western Trash | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2019
  • After years of taking in America’s plastic recycling, many Asian nations are now sending it back, forcing the U.S. to deal with its trash problem.

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  • Frankie Fu
    Frankie Fu  15 hours ago


    OXDH AOXT  21 hours ago

    Lol US has no more respect from the rest of the world

  • James Carmody
    James Carmody  yesterday

    America's decades of exploitation are coming to an end. After this decade, We'll be the world's cesspit.

    YANG lIPING  yesterday

    China is investing the most money in renewable energy. All public transportation in major cities in china have gone electric. And yet I keep hearing western media keep demonizing china for pollution. I’m starting to get sick of the western media’s brainwashing.

  • Narumol Bukajumpa

    If you've ever been to any of these countries you might notice they aren't so great at managing their own trash.

    DJEBAILI. T  yesterday

    Big problem... Now we know

  • AVEVA Bocad Asia Pacific

    A shame they forgot to mention how much of that household trash is still being sent to South Asia and probably other places illegally

  • rusia chika
    rusia chika  3 days ago

    EASY stop FMCG companies that create all those garbage.. but its impossible.. bcuz every single comoany benefits from them

    Plastic bottles
    Restaurant plates and cups
    Paper cups and paper straws
    Gloves for hospitals
    Clinging film
    Strech film
    Aluminum foil
    Spoon, knife, forks .. forkspoon
    Baking papers
    Sandwich papers
    Table sheets
    Plastic for dental floos
    and the list goes on

  • PsyHuman Animation

    As fry says the future is disgusting

  • Liang Jiang
    Liang Jiang  3 days ago +7

    Proud as a Chinese that started this campaign for developing countries to reject trash.

  • kyle moral
    kyle moral  4 days ago

    Our President is Savage 🇵🇭

  • Trill Faldon
    Trill Faldon  4 days ago

    America Prepare for a grand reception for your garbage and once you recieve it you may eat it if you want.

    President Duarte _ Indonesia

  • steve liu
    steve liu  4 days ago

    I thought when u say trash. U mean actual person. Oh shit

  • Sam Shah
    Sam Shah  5 days ago

    Trash is not funny even if you are funny.
    Thanks for bringing this matter up.

  • akbarmohammed4eva
    akbarmohammed4eva  5 days ago +7

    America clean up your own Garbage. maybe you'll get a PHD from it

  • Sirui Gu
    Sirui Gu  5 days ago


  • Zhongyang Lu
    Zhongyang Lu  5 days ago

    The most serious problem is that the Chinese began to make a lot of garbage like the Americans, and the Chinese could not even handle the garbage they created. So China has to start implementing strict waste sorting. While forcing people to sort garbage, they will be killed if they receive unsorted garbage from foreign countries.

  • Muluk Sw Ang
    Muluk Sw Ang  6 days ago

    Here at 69k likes and 6.9k comments.

  • Lotus Godsage
    Lotus Godsage  7 days ago

    I don't even recycle

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says  7 days ago +8

    Honestly good for China and the asian countries. They shouldn’t have to deal with our shit when their countries need so much work still