I Bought ANOTHER Wrecked Domino's Pizza DXP Car for $825

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 4, 2018
  • Check Out Copart: https://goo.gl/3PfYQm
    Pizza Car #2 Lot Number: 50901417 (put in Copart search box)

    My First DXP Car: https://cnclips.net/video/cTP5UtOYOds/video.html

    My Email: SamcracAuto@gmail.com
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samcracc/

    music by joakim karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud

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    *I am NOT Endorsed nor Affiliated with Domino's in any fashion.*


  • hector perez
    hector perez  14 days ago

    Kinda like “In your face “ hahaha, great attitude

  • T E
    T E  14 days ago

    Dominos gone send swat to your house lol

  • Jason Chevez
    Jason Chevez  21 days ago

    Making it into a Pizza hut car.

  • Savage Hookset
    Savage Hookset  1 months ago

    ANOTHER ONE! LOL! outstanding

  • Bla Blabla
    Bla Blabla  1 months ago

    Man u ar killings our brain u want sold Ur car jest remove the fucking logo and it will sold and why Ur fucking channel recommend with me

  • Andrew
    Andrew  3 months ago

    When you have to pay for the lawyer anyway, lol

  • Danny Minick
    Danny Minick  4 months ago

    ...98 to go to add to your collection. lol

  • 8ullfrog
    8ullfrog  5 months ago

    Hoo, that visor is HOT!

  • Ricky Osborne
    Ricky Osborne  5 months ago

    Fix it up and sell it to pizza hut 😂😂😂

  • TheGuruStud
    TheGuruStud  5 months ago

    Imagine, all those sleazy, rat bastard, slime ball, fucks had to do was ENDORSE him rebuilding it and gain a lot of popularity/advertising points. Now, they have hundreds of thousands more that hate them and still lost LOL. RETARD ALART, CLASS, RETARD ALERT!

  • Duane Francis
    Duane Francis  5 months ago

    Turn it into a Pizza Hut car.

    RIKLASVEGAS  7 months ago

    YouTube commercials interrupting your video is way more than annoying

  • Orange
    Orange  7 months ago

    Imagine how bad they have to drive to crash 2 in a year

  • Kieth Wester
    Kieth Wester  7 months ago

    I hope you washed that hat first .😐😑

  • Patrick Jacobson
    Patrick Jacobson  7 months ago

    LMAO....another one? Who's driving those pizzas?

  • 19Neil67
    19Neil67  7 months ago

    This just tells me their drivers drive like idiots 😂

  • Jason Sigman
    Jason Sigman  7 months ago

    Should wrap it with the Godfathers Pizza logo … Seeing as how they told you over the phone, "it's not a threat... it's just business." The Godfather reference. lol

  • Sher Grissom
    Sher Grissom  7 months ago

    OMG You have got to be killing me. Watched all your videos on DXP cars. Why doesn't the company keep these cars themselves instead of selling them. At least this one doesn't have the logos. LMAO. This is too funny. I would bought it too. Let's see what Domino's does about this. You might have a gold mine here. Good work. You know the way they should have done this is fix them or strip of the special features how stupid do you have to be. NOW buying these are is like buying collectible coins. Collector additions. I would not put logos on that car though.

  • B MillHouse
    B MillHouse  7 months ago

    I don’t see anything on that car that says it’s a dominos pizza car. Saying it’s a “dominos” car is perpetuating the bad press against them..... not sure if that’s the best move for you at this point. Should have titled it “pizza” car not “dominos” car.

  • B MillHouse
    B MillHouse  7 months ago

    Ridiculous price bro! Awesome!