2015 Peterbilt 389 from Copart - Start to Finish

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 28, 2019
  • here it is. full build, start to finish. i showed all main work, skipped some minor details cause video would be too long to show all that.
    let me know what you guys think!

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  • Iulius Cristian Saceanu


  • Larry Spicer
    Larry Spicer  7 days ago

    You crazy as hell dude... Man you like work or what... That truck should have a cab not a patch job.. You will never stop the rattles in that thing now.. No way I would done all that body work is crazy.. Just buy a cab at salvage yard bolt it on done! Better yet could have got a good 359 cab and hood made a classic on that chassis.. I rather spent that time and money on a 359 cab than that mess.. Truck would have been awesome with old school look and new style chassis.. Plus would have brought more money..

  • GRIZZLY 71
    GRIZZLY 71  7 days ago

    Нахуя было крушить вторую кабину!?!?! Целиком то не судьба поставить?

  • The-Metal-Life
    The-Metal-Life  14 days ago

    Forgive me but why not just get another cab..

  • SEAL 521
    SEAL 521  21 days ago

    Hi,if You don't mind Me asking. How many man hours went into the project and How much was the whole project ones it was finish? BTW: Am not a truck operator or have any experience on tractor trailers at all. What engine is on this truck? How many Horse Power? Thank You!!

  • gsmd770
    gsmd770  1 months ago

    I had to give up on this video? The music is straight garbage!!!

  • Potrvlb
    Potrvlb  1 months ago

    Holy SHIT! First off, I TOTALLY DIG THE MUSIC SO F off to the buttholes who were nasty about it 🖕, you know who you are. Your skill levels are INSANE, great job. I have never seen such a daunting and large project like this one completed. I’m blown away and you look pretty young to possess such great skills. My hat goes off to you. Well f, I’m hooked, I’m subscribed!! Once again GREAT JOB and it’s actually mind blowing and unbelievable to see it from beginning to end. Looking forward to your next one.

  • Banda
    Banda  1 months ago

    Stopped watching after I saw it was an automatic. Eww

  • Socio Listo
    Socio Listo  1 months ago

    If the chassis ain't torn, bent or warped, it's rebuildable ,, you gotta love rebuilding

  • markiootje
    markiootje  1 months ago

    nice done,lot of work

  • Scott Doubleyou
    Scott Doubleyou  1 months ago

    Dude! I really like the metal flake.

  • Bob Lee Hai Ching
    Bob Lee Hai Ching  1 months ago

    Well done.....Worth to save this unit as it was still New...! Only body parts damaged which could be salvaged as per your works.....

  • Dave & Avril Evans
    Dave & Avril Evans  1 months ago

    some work I did`nt mind the music was thinking why not use the parts cab looked at some of the comments and think it was maybe too old Im in Ireland and not familiar with the models but she looks great.

  • Fordman8011
    Fordman8011  1 months ago

    Hate to honestly know how the hell white chalk Mountain did that much damage to the truck . Wow 😳

  • Jagjit Singh
    Jagjit Singh  1 months ago

    Job well done

  • Garais Sanja
    Garais Sanja  1 months ago

    I hope this truck was not very expensive on auction

  • aquariun neo
    aquariun neo  1 months ago

    Its a skill, love and passion which brings dead machine alive and not everyone can do it.keep it up. Our prays are with you.

  • Frank Rester
    Frank Rester  1 months ago

    Hell of a good job!!!! 👍👍I like these kind of videos.

  • Hussein Basrah
    Hussein Basrah  1 months ago

    Very good work 😍👍👏👏👏

  • Carmelo Reyes
    Carmelo Reyes  1 months ago

    very good work👍👍🇵🇷🇵🇷