Rebuilding a Wrecked 2018 Ford Mustang GT From Copart Salvage Auction For Only $6500

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 23, 2019
  • We Bought a new build that we could not miss out on. A 2018 Ford Mustang gt for only $6500 on b uy it now. an amazing deal for such an amazing car with only 6k miles. Merch


  • BTL crypto  2 months ago

    Hey whats the status on the civic , sti & 4runner you got lot of pending projects✌😉

  • Edgar H252  2 months ago

    Yea but if you find a deal like that you gotta take it .

  • Hooker Repoman  2 months ago

    i was thinking the same thing buying and not finishing a project, smh

  • BLISSFUL FAPPER  2 months ago

    When your dad was on the phone at copart on the copart site i was like yeah he is buying that mustang.

  • Joe Trippi  2 months ago

    Yard looks full of builds in progress, Time to wrap some of them up.

  • Paul Wilcox  2 months ago

    Hello Kondor, you guys paid for the car almost exact amount as the mileage. Dollar per mile.👍😎

  • Cameron Clifford  2 months ago

    What did you do with the hellcat challenger you bought?

  • G R  2 months ago

    2018 mustang gt hopefully it gets twins turbos and a touch screen radio awesome deal congratulations you have a trailer right tail light out .

  • Paulo G  2 months ago

    You’re channel is starting to look like Tavarish one. Lots of projects and no one finished.

  • Ayoub Sahli  2 months ago

    I think they do many other projects but they only show one or two on youtube. It also looks to me that they part cars out so this is kind of what they do for a living.

  • Joseph Kelley  2 months ago

    What about the hellcat Challenger are you going to work on it soon

  • David Chaisson  2 months ago

    Great buy, can't wait to see the progress on it. What did ya find out about the STI engine?

  • kickit59  2 months ago

    Dennis I think you did really well for the price you got it for. Sure it's hit pretty hard & will be some work but it should work out in the end! Hey what's up with the Challenger Hellcat? Are you still going to do it or did you sell it? Anyhow you have some great builds going now. Looking forward to the next video!