Fan Noise & Thunderstorm Sounds for Sleeping and Relaxing | White Noise Fan Sounds

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 27, 2018
  • Fan noise and thunderstorm sounds for sleeping, relaxing and meditation. White noise fan sounds with thunder and rain sounds for cooling down and deep relaxation. If you can’t sleep without your bedroom fan on at night and you also love thunderstorms then this video is for you! This relaxing video will create a calming atmosphere for relaxation so that you can fall asleep easier at night. This fan and rainstorm video can also be used as a virtual air conditioner on hot nights. It can trick your mind and body into believing that the temperature is lower, and consequently save you money on electricity bills! We hope you enjoy this virtual fan featuring rain and thunder sounds for sleep. Please share with family and friends if they need help sleeping on warm summer nights or are fan lovers all year round. Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds 😊🌀 MP3 DOWNLOADS:🌀 FACEBOOK:🌀 INSTAGRAM:🌀 TWITTER:🌀 GOOGLE+:🌀 YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE:🌀 THIS VIDEO:© Stardust Vibes, 2018. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.


  • Deborah Bradshaw
    Deborah Bradshaw  a years ago +104

    I am 66 years old and I grew up in West Texas. We did not have air conditioning and it was hot but not humid. We used fans a lot. Now the sound of a fan takes me back immediately to my childhood. It is such a comforting sound.

  • toriality
    toriality  a years ago +33

    I freaked out because when I clicked on this, I felt wind---forgot that my fan was on behind me. Whew.

    ATRGAMING  6 months ago +11

    I think I'm a "fan" of this

  • Black Kittens
    Black Kittens  a years ago +26

    I actually can't believe this. Ive needed to sleep with a fan on all my life and atm I'm on a tight budget and i need to get my power bill down and im like Ive cut back so much but it's still too high. So ive been thinking i may have to not have my fan on. But I just cannot sleep without it.
    And just now this video has come up. Thank you sooo much. Its perfect and brilliant! !! Bless you :)

  • Josué D. Sánchez Medina

    I'm very greatful for this. It makes me sleep better and have relax even I'm in a hard situation with my parents, all this is making me crazy so to take a break now for me it's the best and i found it here ♥️thank u so much!! And the funny thing is that summer began 2 mounths ago and it's very hot now but listening this sound it makes me feel so fresh, cold whatever u want haha it's fantastic!! Thanks

  • Dirk
    Dirk  a years ago +23

    A simple fan has always been one of the best background sounds to keep my tinnitus from driving me crazy as I'm trying to fall asleep, and the quite thunderstorm is just plain relaxing. I think you have a really good combo going here, particularly for some people with tinnitus. Thanks

  • An EveryDay Canadian
    An EveryDay Canadian  a years ago +13

    Its funny because, even if its freezing cold, i still have my fan going, iunno it's just something about the sound, not the air.

  • silvia torre
    silvia torre  7 months ago +6

    Maravilloso. Para dormir.😴 Y muy bueno para el sonido de los oídos.😄

  • Phil Peterson
    Phil Peterson  1 months ago +2

    A fan and rain together? Let me go fix me a peanut butter and sardine sandwich then I'll be ready for bed.

  • Bettina Strouble
    Bettina Strouble  a years ago +2

    Love the rain and tge,fan together, awesome!! Thanks!😴😪😴😪

  • Violet Hunter
    Violet Hunter  a years ago +13

    Its a good thing you combine two or more sounds. Good effect!

  • JacksQueen_07
    JacksQueen_07  a years ago +19

    Oh wow these sounds together takes me back to my childhood days at my grandparents house!

  • Yankee Girl
    Yankee Girl  a years ago +10

    Interesting combination 🙂

  • Ocean Master
    Ocean Master  10 months ago +5

    I have slept with a fan blowing on me 365 days a year for the last 30 years....Love the feeling, the sound, everything.

  • Terry Davis
    Terry Davis  8 months ago +2

    One of my favorite videos you have done! Very cleansing, relaxing vibes when listening to this. Keep up the good work! Thanks!!! 😁😀😴👌✌️👍

  • Jay Pip
    Jay Pip  a years ago +2

    Man less then 10 mins in.....sooooooooo sleepy...👶👶

  • Ruby Spry
    Ruby Spry  7 days ago +3

    This is a great memory for me when i was living with my grandparents in the country back in the day..escalating fans and air conditioners that be in the windows💞😴😴

  • Leticia Brunet
    Leticia Brunet  7 months ago +3

    Perfect! Thank you very much from Brazil!

  • Kent Rockwood Tyler
    Kent Rockwood Tyler  a years ago +2

    I LOVE this white noise video. I always have a fan blowing on me....always. But when I'm laying in bed and listening to this in my mind I can feel the osculating fan movement.

  • PewDiePie Fan
    PewDiePie Fan  a years ago +3

    This sound remember me about my grandma but she far away from me I wish I could see her again she always do like ur video when it rain THIS VIDEO AWESOME!!!!