World's Strongest Laser | Overtime 5 | Dude Perfect

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 8, 2018
  • It's time for a laser that can pop balloons and light matches!
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    Dude Perfect  9 days ago +1426

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    • Yoel E
      Yoel E  51 minutes ago


    • treasure is everywhere
      treasure is everywhere  59 minutes ago

      Love texes

    • kdogg18 43535
      kdogg18 43535  an hour ago


    • SoPAcLe
      SoPAcLe  3 hours ago

      Dude Perfect 👌🏻 for me is a beautiful day and my heart ❤️ a lot thank the man thank the spirit thank me to my family to my sister for being the only one ☝️ I had today for me today she was like my lovely 😊 my friends thank the lady who had a great time at home 🏡 said she is the best and most interesting sister in a while I am not sure why you have to be a sister to you sister and I love ❤️ sister sister of a lady you have no doubt about it as well you are the best and most wonderful woman in your world 🌎 you have the most important to your heart

    • Monil Maheshwari
      Monil Maheshwari  5 hours ago

      Guys pls give me the official ball

  • Matt Dawson
    Matt Dawson  a minute ago

    You should do Camping Stareo Types

    MANUAL TOP 10  7 minutes ago +1

    oi gente, alguém tá me vendo? deixa like !

  • FPG_ Dominic
    FPG_ Dominic  16 minutes ago

    Ping bong tricks were cool

  • FPG_ Dominic
    FPG_ Dominic  16 minutes ago

    Bring ping ball tricks back

  • Bassam Estephan
    Bassam Estephan  17 minutes ago

    I subscribed from 10 month and I send this video

  • Bassam Estephan
    Bassam Estephan  18 minutes ago

    In the second giveaway can you live like a football ball

  • Kamron Forbes
    Kamron Forbes  18 minutes ago

    I am good in bottle flip like all of you some come to Trinidad

  • brayder vasquez
    brayder vasquez  19 minutes ago

    que buen video

  • Hudson Vitale
    Hudson Vitale  30 minutes ago

    You should make a panda stuffed animal

  • Enoch Choi
    Enoch Choi  43 minutes ago

    cool not cool: BEST PART OF OVERTIME

    SPANDAN MEDICARE  59 minutes ago


  • Oliver Cheng
    Oliver Cheng  59 minutes ago +1

    This is bob he is zero years old
    Let’s help him grow up!
    1 like = 1 year old
    Let’s see how old he can get!

  • BlakeDeRousse
    BlakeDeRousse  59 minutes ago

    Do another medal detactar comp

  • Susan Reitz
    Susan Reitz  an hour ago

    you should call wheel unfortunate wheel unCORYtunate

  • HforhiT Live Official
    HforhiT Live Official  an hour ago +1


  • slipper dipper
    slipper dipper  an hour ago

    Chad is halerios

  • Robin Choi
    Robin Choi  an hour ago +1

    more stereotypes yay☺

  • Trent Harshman
    Trent Harshman  an hour ago

    I got an idea on new video how about glow in the dark golf on the course a challenge of some sort.

  • Gaming Blu
    Gaming Blu  an hour ago

    World's strongest laser made by Luke skywalker