Opioids II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
  • Following some recent revelations about the role of large companies in America’s ongoing opioid epidemic, John Oliver takes another look at the crisis.Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/lastweektonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: www.facebook.com/lastweektonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: www.twitter.com/lastweektonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: www.hbo.com/lastweektonight


  • Jacob O'Dell
    Jacob O'Dell  4 months ago +2715

    Huge company causes actual damage through reckless selling of drugs to millions of Americans: Fine 1/1000 of their yearly revenue.
    Dude sells pot to a few of his friends: In prison for years.
    Makes perfect sense.

  • Marksman
    Marksman  4 months ago +1503

    John Oliver is a master at trolling hateful plutocrats.

  • Kaitlyn Meloche
    Kaitlyn Meloche  3 months ago +148

    This man is trying his level best to be sued by every major corporation on Earth and I am HERE FOR IT

  • Kahlil Brown
    Kahlil Brown  4 months ago +779

    Did anyone think of John Oliver's janitor at the end???

  • Casey Meegan
    Casey Meegan  3 months ago +294

    If anyone is wondering why these people donate to art institutes, it's a scheme called "venture philanthropy" that allows them to write off their donations on their taxes while also buying art pieces that appreciate in value

  • Justin
    Justin  4 months ago +2800

    Dear USA,
    This is why you don't trust the market to fully regulate itself.
    the world

  • Scott
    Scott  4 months ago +416

    Richard Sackler buries documents while we bury those affected.

  • Captain_Nerdrage
    Captain_Nerdrage  4 months ago +498

    Bryan Cranston is a delight, and I don't believe anyone has ever eaten a turkey sandwich quite as evocatively as Michael Keaton.

  • Patrick Lloyd
    Patrick Lloyd  3 months ago +319

    This sounds like a symptom of America's for-profit healthcare system.

  • Nicole Nox
    Nicole Nox  2 months ago +84

    This is the genius of John Oliver. Take the most important weapon away from them, their anonymity

  • Ozan Akyıldız
    Ozan Akyıldız  4 months ago +3159

    John Oliver did more service to this country as a British citizen than any of the jackasses at Fox News did

  • Manhasset Dental Arts
    Manhasset Dental Arts  4 months ago +222

    the fda should be investigated for approving too soon

  • Gery Quin
    Gery Quin  4 months ago +328

    JESUS! here we are focusing on Escobar, Gallardo, Chapo and the Cartels of Latin America, when McKesson, Cardinal Health, Amerisource, Purdue and especially these Sackler Characters are far worse and the real evil.

  • Fulgrim88
    Fulgrim88  3 months ago +91

    I like how the republicans obsess about the "war on drugs" as long as its about jailing immigrants and potheads, but as soon as multi billion pharmaceutical companies get involved (doing just as much harm, if not more) it's fine

  • isabella ericson
    isabella ericson  3 months ago +200

    Sackler needs to be in jail for life . The destruction of millions of families all in the name of GREED.

  • LordKhabal
    LordKhabal  4 months ago +1306

    Another example of how 1. Unregulated capitalism literally kills people, and 2. When the punishment is a fine, that just means it’s legal for rich people.

  • schattentaenzerin
    schattentaenzerin  3 months ago +131

    Wasn't "tackling the opioid crisis" one of the jobs appointed to Jared Kushner?
    Why not interview him on how it's going?
    I still have never heard him speak.

  • Delique Scence
    Delique Scence  2 months ago +74

    John Oliver isn’t a national treasure, he’s the eighth wonder of the world. An ass kicking wonder.

  • Manuel Hernandez
    Manuel Hernandez  4 months ago +133

    Makes you feel despair. It proofs in a way how evil pure Capitalism can be without any government supervision. :(

  • H. D.
    H. D.  4 months ago +134

    8:31 The man's name is Dick Sackler. Amazing
    Edit: "Deep, dense and white" Is he doing this on purpose?