Trump Has Impeachment Meltdown on Fox and Friends: A Closer Look

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 25, 2019
  • Seth takes a closer look at the president and his Republican allies floating a ludicrous conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election.

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    Trump Has Impeachment Meltdown on Fox and Friends: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Alvaro Giron
    Alvaro Giron  17 hours ago

    Mexico has the server. And they’re not giving it back until Trump builds the wall. Just protecting themselves before WWIII starts you know?

  • Dragutin G. Kramperger

    Swamp witch! 👏

  • cat see
    cat see  yesterday

    Fox news are friends with trump thats why he call foxs news

  • J A
    J A  yesterday

    Israel wanted him as President, so he would start a war against Iran.

  • Cam & Kellz
    Cam & Kellz  yesterday

    Bro for real though i feel like one of your eyes likes to float..

  • Musik216
    Musik216  yesterday

    "Melting Criminal" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • VanMan2784
    VanMan2784  3 days ago

    I love that you guys get your news from comedy central

  • Robertw
    Robertw  3 days ago

    When trump lies to fox you know he really has lost it

  • Andrew Limo
    Andrew Limo  4 days ago

    Republican constituents must be so shallow with low IQ to endorse idiots like Sen John Kennedy !!!!

  • Jeffrey Walsh
    Jeffrey Walsh  4 days ago


  • Kelly Hopkins
    Kelly Hopkins  5 days ago

    Not the piercing eyes look?

  • vu nguyen
    vu nguyen  5 days ago

    President Trump Still your daddy

  • Harry. B. Renner. jr.

    They need to put up a disclaimer everytime Trump speaks that says. WARNING this is not reality viewer discretion advised.

    Oh I'm wanting to take a survey and ask everyone. how do you think our first handicaped President is doing.

  • Sean Kearns
    Sean Kearns  5 days ago

    I'm sorry I'm still laughing at "Car stealing is your next mission"

  • Jacob Wells
    Jacob Wells  6 days ago

    South Park is going to have a field day with this asshole..... And I personally can't wait

  • TheT0nedude
    TheT0nedude  7 days ago

    Well, you're going to have another nearly 5 years to continue making jokes about your democratically elected President when he wins in 2020. XD. If you want a REAL joke look at the DNC candidates to run against him. Funny stuff.

  • Greg Maxwell
    Greg Maxwell  7 days ago

    Corruption?  It starts in the White House.

  • Riley Swenson
    Riley Swenson  7 days ago

    6:20 is golden LOLLLLLL

  • Russell Scheirman

    I woke up from nightmares worse than the one I’m in reality and I honestly eat chicken fried all night!

  • Jonny Ogg
    Jonny Ogg  7 days ago

    Sounds like Jake byrd