Keys to Beating the Bills | Ravens Final Drive

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 6, 2019
  • It starts with running the ball in Buffalo and stopping the Bills from hitting big plays to former Ravens wideout John Brown.

    #BaltimoreRavens #Ravens #NFL

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  • Deborah 78.
    Deborah 78.  1 months ago

    This game almost gave me a heart attack. Ravens defense racking up penalties, almost giving the win to Buffalo...

  • Robert Hamilton
    Robert Hamilton  1 months ago

    Mf let's go!

  • Adriano Macedo
    Adriano Macedo  1 months ago

    Go, Ravens! 🏈😎
    (Hugs from Brazil)

  • John Wick
    John Wick  1 months ago

    Key to beating the ravens pressure jackson and Ingram,u guys better watch out our bills defense is tough you beat all the other teams but guess what this our house and you ain't taking shit from us.Better be ready the only key y'all getting is this L #Billsmafia

  • tonerz0fdubb716
    tonerz0fdubb716  1 months ago

    I just want the bills to make it a competitive game. If we win then I'ma be off the wall but I just want my team to get in the playoffs. Ravens beat the best teams in the NFL so far that offense is taking the league by storm. This is going to be like a playoff game

  • No pad no pencil heyzel

    The bills don’t stand a chance against the most dominant team in the league

  • jon doe
    jon doe  1 months ago

    Just cover the phuckin spread flockcity

  • Ill Xane
    Ill Xane  1 months ago

    Look wut we have done so far.... wut makes u think buffalo will win?? They're good but no Pats, Seahawks, Texans or 9ers

  • TheDCGuitar13
    TheDCGuitar13  1 months ago +2

    When they beat the bills, the jets will be painted as a trap game lmao.

  • Skydemon1
    Skydemon1  1 months ago

    I think the only thing we need to do is start hitting the tackles Bc last game we missed a lot of tackles that ended up being game changing, like when the guy broke Earl Thomas ankles which ended up giving him a TD

  • King Rello
    King Rello  1 months ago +2

    Josh Allen run if he want to 😈😈 gone get his bell rung 💯

  • iProtect
    iProtect  1 months ago +12

    0:19 Did anyone hear my guy say “Pussies” 😂😂

  • Justin Ferrell
    Justin Ferrell  1 months ago

    Lol I think we getting to full of ourselves specially the fans any team can lost to any team in the nfl remember we lost to the browns

  • Walter Brown
    Walter Brown  1 months ago +3

    Remember the Ravens Went to Seattle And Came Away With a Win ! Do not take Buffalo Bills for granted like the Cowboys did on Thanksgiving and got handle an old fashioned beatdown ! Same formula run the ball don't turn the ball over ground and pound with Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards a little bit of Lamar Jackson and Raven defense stop the run create turnovers and just in case you have Justin Tucker and a recipe for a Ravens win a possible clinching a playoff or both when is AFC North Division # Raven- STRONG 💪 !

  • James Jewkiller
    James Jewkiller  1 months ago

    The key to getting a win is signing some wide receiver's! Prediction the former Raven John Brown has more receiving yards than the entire Ravens wide receiver corp! Eric Decosta and Harbaugh should of been fired for not signing players and there horrible first round pic! And releasing Crabtree!

  • Icehamjello
    Icehamjello  1 months ago +4

    Keep it up fam Big Truss! Sausage #1

  • Buffalo Bobby
    Buffalo Bobby  1 months ago +3

    Josh Allen 🤘🏻

  • Jordan John
    Jordan John  1 months ago +1

    Good luck 😂😂 #BillsMafia

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent  1 months ago +1

    Buffalo will dominate

  • M Osing
    M Osing  1 months ago +3

    Ravens 31 bills 10