Film Theory: Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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    Marvel's newest addition to its cinematic universe, Ant-Man, hides a disturbing secret in its physics. In saving his loved ones from utter destruction, does Ant-Man actually destroy us all, taking the world as we know it with him? I think we've just uncovered the truth that Ant-Man is in fact Marvel's deadliest hero!

    Like the theme song? Thanks to CARF!

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  • Natasha Beck
    Natasha Beck  5 hours ago

    I enjoy your channel but the old theme song was better

  • N P
    N P  17 hours ago

    3:28 I understood this when I was about 4 and this completely changed the “I’m not touching you “ thing
    Needless to say my parents and siblings did not understand my unflawed comprehension of particles

  • trainsandtugs
    trainsandtugs  20 hours ago

    RIP tamas

  • Fluff Whiskers
    Fluff Whiskers  yesterday

    So. I learned nothing from this except , BOYY ANTMAN BE DANGEROUS

  • Fluff Whiskers
    Fluff Whiskers  yesterday

    I need to see ant man meeting Spider-Man
    -someone be comin for the bug brand-

  • J's Plays
    J's Plays  yesterday

    Actually its a neutron star not a black hole I'm pretty sure

  • Anime Reviews
    Anime Reviews  yesterday

    3:30 so i have superpowers!!!

  • Wasem Zahr
    Wasem Zahr  yesterday

    Schwarzschild radius is pronounced shvarzshild radius its German I'm German everybody's German
    Btw it means blackshield radius

  • Esteemed 64
    Esteemed 64  yesterday

    Didn't they say that he's punch would be like a bullet in the movie

  • michael faller
    michael faller  yesterday

    i broke my screen

  • thedivergentdemigod booklover

    So the bouncy castle version of up would be down or sideways

  • SuperCool_Saiyan
    SuperCool_Saiyan  2 days ago

    Also how did Scott not sufficate in the quantum realm since he is smaller than oxygen atoms

  • ethan mellor
    ethan mellor  3 days ago

    Baskin Robins

  • Tsumiki
    Tsumiki  3 days ago

    my hand went through the screen, broke computer

  • Shadow Lord
    Shadow Lord  3 days ago

    I haven't seen the conclusion yet so I wanna say my educated guess it it because when you decrees the density but keep the same number of mass to much it becomes a black hole

  • Knife Thrower
    Knife Thrower  3 days ago

    LOL I can't believe I actually touched my screen while watching this! I always fall for jokes like this, this video definitely gave me a good laugh.
    Also it points out some interesting facts about how the antman suit works, very interesting.

  • Sothica
    Sothica  3 days ago

    99.99999999996% Empty inside
    75% made of water
    100% Made of atoms
    No wonder I'm so empty

  • Ricardo Soriano
    Ricardo Soriano  3 days ago

    nice joke

  • Bumblebee’s Voice

    Hero to celestial

  • Jaden Freeland
    Jaden Freeland  4 days ago

    If I can’t have my daughter no one can have their life