Film Theory: Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 22, 2015
  • Subscribe to join the Film Theorists! ►► Hitman's Bulletproof Skin Possible? ► Potter ISN'T the Chosen One? ►'s newest addition to its cinematic universe, Ant-Man, hides a disturbing secret in its physics. In saving his loved ones from utter destruction, does Ant-Man actually destroy us all, taking the world as we know it with him? I think we've just uncovered the truth that Ant-Man is in fact Marvel's deadliest hero!Like the theme song? Thanks to CARF! MEDIA:Twitter: @MatPatGTFacebook: FILM THEORY!NEO ISN'T The One in the Matrix Trilogy ► is the DBZ Kamehameha Wave? ► TRUTH about Jon Snow ► Dr. Who's Doctor be a HUMAN? ► VIDEO GAMES the future of movies? ► to Win an Oscar for BEST ACTOR! ► to Win an Oscar for BEST PICTURE! ► by FRAME!How Terminator DEFINED Action Movies ► Mad Max: Fury Road Directed YOU! ►


  • Genesis  3 years ago

    I just listen to your videos while doing random stuff hoping I can get smarter

  • Ada Hartnett  4 days ago

    Genesis, me to, i was moving rooms and this is my favorite thing to listen to while doing something.

  • Kayden Hutchinson  12 days ago

    Genesis I just listen to them when I play video games for when there is loading screens or I’m at an uneventful part

  • 99.9999999999999999999996 percent of viewers smudged thier screen

  • Ace the panther  12 days ago

    But ehat if i wach this on a projector

  • Gabby H  3 months ago

    How can Ant-Man breathe when he's tinier than an air molecule?🤔😅😉

  • The helment

  • Angelique Turk  9 days ago

    @GAMES GAMES it's okay, it's bit your fault

  • Claire Farnham  10 months ago

    Who else tried to pass their hand through the screen thinking "I BELIEVE"

  • Hello  24 days ago


  • Cybersagegamer 2  7 months ago

    The avengers end game win strategy against thanos leaked.

  • Clover Animations  11 days ago

    *stomp* thanos's neck

  • Frank Myers  2 months ago

    Up thanos' pooper

  • CO6 Clan  7 months ago

    I did the math he's right on everything 😂Edit: It took me over 3 hours lol

  • White Shadow  19 days ago

    @kyle yang No. Don't think of SIZE, think of MASS. Ant-Man is 90 pounds of MASS. That's enough to support a black hole.

  • @Ilya Nikitin yeah right it's like people saying shit like oh thus artist Drew something that will take me 5 hours to do but the thing he drew don't even need 5 hours it probably took like 10 mins to do for the artist and then the person saying he take 5 hours can't do it as good and then claims it takes 5 hours to do simple things

  • Teacher:what’s the size of an oxygen atom?Me:99.999999999996% emptyTeacher:did you Stu-Me:film theory

  • No Name  6 days ago


  • taken username  15 days ago

    That makes no godamn sense,, if your teacher asked for the size of an oxygen atom why would you respond woth the percentage of how empty it is.. get your joke right kid

  • BlazePlayz YT  2 months ago

    When I saw the title, I immediately thought of the Thanus theory.

  • Lunala Moon  15 days ago

    Ant-Man can kill anyone by entering their butthole. :D

  • arroganter Fels  a months ago

    The Mythical Unicorn Turkey antman crawling up thanos‘s anus

  • Eli Becker  1 months ago

    How can he breathe if he’s smaller than oxygen molecules

  • Ace the panther  12 days ago

    Thats why he whares a helmet

  • Ace_ Denoise  20 days ago

    He doesn't breath it he eats it

  • ma. s  3 years ago

    you forgot a very important flaw, how could he see after he became smaller than photons.

  • Rouge 24  1 months ago


  • that guy  1 months ago

    Light is Not just Made photons