Remy Ma is in serious trouble after Brittney Taylor snitches on her!

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 19, 2019
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  • mimi Parham
    mimi Parham  yesterday

    She said where she from people don’t solve things with guns! That’s all people do is solve things with guns!!! I wonder where she’s from!!

    TEAM KUTTNUP  7 days ago

    Expressive what's the update?

  • Maseion Anderson
    Maseion Anderson  7 days ago

    “It’s kinda impossible to be with the shit when you’re four ten” 😂😂😂

  • hazel preston
    hazel preston  7 days ago

    Snitches get stitches 🤕🧵

  • Ten Veils
    Ten Veils  1 months ago

    Remy Ma and Cardi B are so messy. They both too old to be in the mess they allegedly get caught up in. I just want to see people come up and stay up. The crabs in the barrel nonsense gotta stop. It's just so frustrating.

  • Avril Robertson
    Avril Robertson  1 months ago

    Brit is a low down bitch..even if she did get a well deserved punch..ya dont go to police. .not very gangsta

  • Saudia Gant
    Saudia Gant  1 months ago

    Mf always so good ,and tuff. Thug that shit for both sides. If Remy did do that shit she brought it on herself,and if bri u talk talk that shit just be prepared to stand on that shit period. all this shit could have been avoided

  • D J
    D J  1 months ago

    Wow Remy sounds like a crazy loose cannon. Way too old to be acting like that smh

  • Lulu Thompson
    Lulu Thompson  1 months ago

    Damn looook at her eye

  • Bea Gurley
    Bea Gurley  1 months ago

    People kill me justifying grown ass women jumping on kids, If this was my daughter, remy ass would have been whooped, period. Rather this little ass girl ( child ) ran her mouth or not, she is still Rem's step daughter's age. If anything, she should have beat her ass like a moma would her daughter , if she got out of line, not like a bitch out here in these streets. She is not her equal.That's why these kids have no fucking respect for authority.

    CANADA's TS MADISON  1 months ago

    truth remy ma did not hit her, it was remy daughter, remy took the hit. BRitney was not behind the attack. RAH ali was behind the attack. BRITNEY was blackmailed by her ex bf to take the hit . HE has shit on her that can ruined her and her family. I feel bad for all. BRITNEY is trinas girl. SO trina is responsible. Cinder son is a drug addict and followed by police he deals also. He was going to pin it on brit and her family. REMY checks everyone. BIANCA is the worst person on that show. SHe smashed someone on that show in the face with a beer bottle. Shes most violent on that show. She tried to beat up mariah lynn her best friend but got her ass handed to her by a latina

  • Edward Gore
    Edward Gore  2 months ago

    We never fail as a it rap, rnb, always have to beef & fight with our own race of people......nobody else does it like we do.....smh......😷😖😩

  • jennifer half
    jennifer half  2 months ago

    She served 6 years in prison and was away from her family?? Its sad but that's her own damn fault......both of them need to have more respect. They both look bad. Even though that's a new trend going on. To be bad and do stuff that's illegal....

  • jennifer half
    jennifer half  2 months ago

    Omg why do people look up to this trash.......this is why this generation of kids are so fucked because they gave shitty role models to look up too......ohh Remy so cool because she shot someone like no she's a criminal. When I was a child we didn't look up too criminals. These reality shows got too go.

  • ender romero
    ender romero  2 months ago

    Why couldnt she punched Nicki?!?!?!

  • Noe Montoya
    Noe Montoya  2 months ago

    Lmfao that bitch needs to get stomped on and beat hard asf to learn a lesson to keep her mf mouth shut stupid ass hoe
    Bitch now wants to play the mf victim? Stupid ass girl

  • Myrlande Saturne
    Myrlande Saturne  2 months ago

    That’s good for Brittney 😭😭😭

  • Andre Brown Jr.
    Andre Brown Jr.  2 months ago

    Do if she's "4'10" and its impossible for her to be with the "shits".....why tf would you confront her and punch her? First of all just by a person coming out there mouth and saying oh "you're 4'10" implies that they believe sizes matters, so if size matters, why attack this person who you feel is a weakling in your eyes? Not only that if she was 6'10....then what?? Would she automatically be "with the shits"?. Sorry but that 4'10 comment exposed Remy's insecurities, she's obviously scared of bitches her size or bigger

  • kenn d011ie
    kenn d011ie  2 months ago

    She like to throw rocks and hide her hands . That’s what’s gon fuck her up fam . She stay w a black eye lmao 😂

  • kenn d011ie
    kenn d011ie  2 months ago

    I thought she was gangsta. My fault