Rebuilding 2017 Lexus rx350 Fsport from Copart prt 14

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 21, 2019
  • Welcome back for another episode where I'm Rebuilding a Wrecked 2017 Lexus rx350 Fsport from Copart. In this episode I will sand clear coat with 1500 after that will go over with 2500, and after all those operations I will buff a car. I also will prepare front bumper for painting, and then will paint it. Enjoy.Please share this video:*FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! *Instagram me for any business:#COPART #REBUILD #WRECKED #LEXUS


    RSW..NORTHWEST  5 months ago +5

    you do quality work.... great job ….Almost done one more video and your golden

  • Саня Дроня
    Саня Дроня  5 months ago +3

    Красава , акцент выдает ! Молодец ! Мастер на все руки,продолжай в том же духе !

  • jack hamilton
    jack hamilton  5 months ago +1

    That’s Lexus IS looking good 👍🏾

  • John Baker
    John Baker  5 months ago

    That is an excellent paint job! I appreciate your attention to detail! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Slawko Wegrzyn
    Slawko Wegrzyn  5 months ago +1

    You are a damn good painter. But it is the temperature that you are fighting. Your paint takes alot of time to cure, that attracts dirt in the air. THANKS for sharing your videos. Good job, good job and high five.

  • Marcelino Ramos
    Marcelino Ramos  5 months ago

    Nice haircut.
    Should let it grow comb it back and taper the sides
    Awesome video

    RODZILLA  5 months ago +1

    SMV. The Lexus paint is so slick. Beautiful work!

  • Антон_ К
    Антон_ К  5 months ago

    Hello friend, I thought this part will be the last one) I hope to see completion in the next one!) 👍✌

  • Robert Beattie
    Robert Beattie  4 months ago

    I’m really enjoying watch this all this channel! Britain 🇬🇧 watch this 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Troy V
    Troy V  4 months ago

    Impressive, your attention to detail and quality. If I had a salvage car I'd take it to your shop.

  • Simpler Trader
    Simpler Trader  5 months ago

    The best rebuild vid on YouTube, great job V.

  • Jason Facchini
    Jason Facchini  5 months ago

    awesome job i am sure its looking great

  • yaya djiby Souleymane

    This is an awesome job well done

  • AGK world
    AGK world  5 months ago

    professionaliy and perfect

  • Yura spik
    Yura spik  5 months ago

    Молодец хорошо делаешь

  • Jesse Romero
    Jesse Romero  5 months ago

    Great work !!!! Keep it up n love your dogs... Cheers 🍻💯💪

  • Макс Горох
    Макс Горох  5 months ago +1

    Молодец!!! Ждем финалочку!!

  • Phillip Claridge
    Phillip Claridge  5 months ago

    Looks awesome - well done!!

  • Ghassan A KARIM
    Ghassan A KARIM  5 months ago

    First good job.

  • albert buca
    albert buca  5 months ago

    Yoo finally got that haircut haha looks fresh and so does the car. Good job brother