Apple's iPhone 11 and 11 Pro keynote in 14 minutes

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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  • LSH Studios
    LSH Studios  7 days ago

    Pro Stand = iPhone 11 Pro

  • Sangwon Lee
    Sangwon Lee  14 days ago

    Steve job’s presentation was way more interesting. Why does the other person introduce the iPhone? Where did Tim Cook go?

  • MadnessMobile
    MadnessMobile  14 days ago

    1:39 is that a joke? WTF? What's with the bezels from 2011?

  • Lance Atrophy
    Lance Atrophy  14 days ago +1

    Apple: Yo! What if we make the same phone, but get this, add another camera

  • Tian Olandesca
    Tian Olandesca  21 days ago

    Theres no new innovative in this phone anymore, no more ideas becoz android surpassed it all

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith  21 days ago

    Just $4.99 a month...nope.

  • hotdognobun
    hotdognobun  21 days ago

    Seriously the Indian guy should not present and that Asian lady looks like she’s sleeping

  • ZeUsOP _
    ZeUsOP _  28 days ago

    They now mostly bring the features that we never need

  • Himdao P
    Himdao P  a months ago

    4:40 who is she ......

  • F Gomez
    F Gomez  a months ago +1

    The lost decade. A ten-year period of tech stagnation.

  • Michael Hue
    Michael Hue  a months ago

    Good but not enough, Apple need the prophet

  • Summboddi
    Summboddi  a months ago

    I’m actually surprised how cheap the Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ is

  • Benjamin Marra
    Benjamin Marra  a months ago

    I hope they upgraded the white balance during video the xs max is terrible, fluctuating terribly

  • Arnav Behari
    Arnav Behari  a months ago

    These Engineers don’t know how to sell their product. They speak of all this Jargon as if we know what they are saying.

  • Joseph Aguilar
    Joseph Aguilar  a months ago

    One plus 6t already had 4k 60 fps lol and slo mode,time lapse and cinematic

  • The Vlog
    The Vlog  a months ago

    Comments are disabled for this video on the apple Chanel... i wonder why

  • Curbmaster0312
    Curbmaster0312  a months ago

    americans are so fake, it hurt to watch them

  • TodaysRealHealth
    TodaysRealHealth  a months ago

    Be smart with your money, do not pay these prices on any phones! Keep it in your bank. Let us teach these multi-billion dollar companies we are not buying a device that costs so little to them for those ridiculous prices. Worlds millionaires use 4 plus-year-old phones. They keep their $.

  • Alan Shin
    Alan Shin  a months ago

    When they stated to sell and call the LCD display for Retina display was the day they started to fool their customers (including me) good thing I stopped in iPhone 5 and never again brought their shitty 0 innovation products again

  • Black diamond White diamond

    IT'S CHEAP?????