isle of flightless birds - twenty one pilots // lyrics

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 30, 2016
  • "isle of flightless birds" by twenty one pilots from self-titled

    ok so i got this question awhile back and it was "do you have a tumblr" and the answer is yes, i do!! it's so if u want to follow me, there you go ....... and this is the vid i was hesitant on posting so, but hopefully it's still enjoyable!!

    as always, if there are any errors within the lyrics or video in general, please tell me in the comments!! thank, stay street


  • Galazy
    Galazy  4 hours ago

    First listen today. Here’s my thoughts:
    - the growl in his voice when he says “purpose” oh my-
    - “giving birth and stuff”
    - *very upset when it ended*
    - replayed it

  • Milk
    Milk  14 hours ago

    Me at 3am: i am cold

  • Itchy Watermelon
    Itchy Watermelon  2 days ago

    The beat thingy sound like Poppy's song "lowlife" I would say that she copied TØP but hers was released in 2015

  • Totske Breathtaking

    i will fly with no hope no fear

    thats my satuition right now

  • Mari Phe
    Mari Phe  2 days ago +1

    The fourth bird from the right is just like
    “bro the fuk u say 2 me?”

  • DogVTF
    DogVTF  3 days ago


  • Muhammad Amjad
    Muhammad Amjad  4 days ago

    This song's title is basically just about the dodos

    BEEBO URIE  6 days ago

    How frustrating and so degrading his time we're wasting as time will fly by and the sky will cry as light is fading

  • Angel Hoffer
    Angel Hoffer  6 days ago

    This is me, still here three years from now, using my school chromebook to listen to this song while reading Maximum Ride

  • Bounty Bean
    Bounty Bean  7 days ago

    Bird thoughts

    First bird. Ooh, what's this
    Second bird. Paying attention because me don't want to fail
    Third bird. What that flying thing without flapping wings
    Fourth bird. You know that's a plane 3
    Fifth bird. to sixth did you know that I can't fly
    Sixth bird. to fifth yeah, we are an isle of flightless birds
    Seventh bird. Can't get this leaf out
    Eighth bird. Ew you so gross I hate you
    Ninth bird. Achew, I'm gonna wipe it on you
    Tenth bird. eavesdropping you weird
    Eleventh bird. Ooh what's this

  • Discord The wolf
    Discord The wolf  7 days ago +3

    So I have this idea for this song that I can’t get out of my head. This song just reeks of an old timey atmosphere. So I have this idea of a black slave wrongfully accused of attempted murder and is about to face hanging.

    So during the first few seconds of this song it depicts a black man, looking forward as a crowd of white men screaming. When it goes to the drum beat it zooms into his eyes and shows him and his master in the woods, clearly hunting elk.

    However something spooks the elk and it comes charging towards the two men, the black man jumps out of the way but the white man is slow. The black man has a shot and he takes it, killing the elk instantly but also shooting the white man in the shoulder.

    Terrified, the black man scrambles towards his master, terrified for his life. He hoists the white man up and dresses his wound as best he can before carrying him to their house near the woods.

    The wife, pregnant, sees the slave and master and cries for the doctor. She knows that the slave would do nothing to harm them, as the family have a very good relationship with the man. However, when the doctor arrives with the sherif and deputy, they jump to conclusions and brutally arrest the black man while the woman cries for them to leave him be and the unconscious white man is brought to the hospital.

    As the first verse comes, it shows a beaten up black man, a subject to the cruel racism that was common in these days. He is in front of a white judge and jury, he knows that it’s worthless to defend himself.

    He sits there, singing the first verses, during the demons and angels part it shows the jury and judge as demons and himself as the angel (a symbol to show his innocence in a the face of a crime) after he does that he slams his hands down on the table and walks in front of the judge, front and center, and sings the chorus. At the “I will fly” it shows a faded noose tightened around his neck, “with no hope no fear” he shakes his head, and the image is gone. He looks around, seeing the hostile faces and finishes the chorus, the light of fire dead in his eyes as he accepts his fate.

    He is shown to be guilty and now your in the scene from the very start, him looking forward, saying the lyrics of the rap quietly under the roar of the crowd, as he’s walked towards his execution.

    At the point where it says “and honestly we’re probably more suicidal than ever now.” He’s shoved and he shakes the hand off and turns to the police.

    He raps the “if you decide to live by” part to him, loud enough so everyone can hear, when he finishes the crowd takes him in before they began to roar again and one of the police slap him hard, making him spin around to see the noose waiting for him.

    As the chorus kicks up again, it’s a split, the white man jolts awake with the wife fussing over him and the slave is walking towards his death.

    The white man is talking to his doctor, asking about his slave and the doctor informs him about the hanging and the white man is terrified and spouts the truth of what happened and rushes out of the hospital to stop his friend from being murdered along with his wife.

    Meanwhile (this is a split screen so it’s all happening at once), the slave is walking up the steps and the executioner is putting the noose around his neck, glaring with malice as the slave looks at him with a cold expression saying “I will fly with no hope, no fear”.

    As the chorus continues we see the white man and his wife stumble towards the crowd, and just as the executioner grabs the lever to pull the white man pulls his gun out and shoots towards the sky.

    The crowd jumps, the executioner leaps away from the lever and everyone turns and parts away as the white man walks forward.

    The white man sings the chorus this time, his eyes wide and scared as he walks through the crowd and up those dreadful stairs saying “I will fly” while the slave finishes, “with no hope no fear,” tears pouring down his face as his master pulls the noose from around his neck and cuts the rope from around his wrists.

    The white man is looking at his bruised face, neck, and running his fingers around the rope burns around his friends wrist, his eyes disbelieving and sad, when the sherif comes forward, saying something that makes the white mans expression turn to anger.

    He whips around and says “how frustrating.” And continues, basically telling them what happened and scorning them for their racism.

    When he says “it’s you pick your battle.” He points and gestures to the crowd and then wraps his arm around his friend and says “and I promise you this is mine,”

    The crowds expression morphs from confusion, anger, and hatred to shame, sorrow, and disbelief as the white man takes his friend down those steps and walks him to his wife who cries tears of joy.

    When the song closes out, you follow the family heading home, but the white man stops, putting his hand up so the black man cannot come inside. His friend his confused and a little scared when the white man pulls a paper from his coat that reads “Contract” but his eyes widen as the man then rips it and drops it to the ground, smiling with tears in his eyes.

    The black man stares at his master- no, friend, in shock before he grins, tears flowing down his face once more.

    Later it shows him living as a free man, getting married with the white man as his best man, and holding a black baby and white baby as it depicts the white man and wife and his wife along with his wife smiling at him as he hugs the two girls.

    As the song fades, he’s walking through the town alone, when the sherif walks out and stops him, the two stare at each other for a few seconds before the sherif dips his hat and lets him past.

  • Rafael Flores
    Rafael Flores  7 days ago

    Like si estas escuchando esta joya en 2019 casi 2020

  • shams ajmeri
    shams ajmeri  7 days ago

    Twenty.... Nah... #1 pilot. I bet u a million dollars I don't have to any pilot who is this deep.

  • II s l y t h e r * i n II

    When he said i am cold i felt even more colder

  • Troca 234
    Troca 234  7 days ago

    That is a Harpsicord?

  • instant_ karma
    instant_ karma  14 days ago

    when the song is perfectly in sync with the windshield wipers...

  • Pengin
    Pengin  14 days ago +1

    1:14 look at the bird behind the "gives" :D

  • Olivia Rhyne
    Olivia Rhyne  14 days ago +1

    How has no one done this....

    the birds work for the bourgeois

  • Natnat Dragon
    Natnat Dragon  21 days ago +1

    I love that you can just look at the comment section on a TØP song and just see nothing but support and love for fellow cliqqies.

  • Liron Weirdo
    Liron Weirdo  21 days ago

    The lyrics start at 1:07