isle of flightless birds - twenty one pilots // lyrics

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 30, 2016
  • "isle of flightless birds" by twenty one pilots from self-titled

    ok so i got this question awhile back and it was "do you have a tumblr" and the answer is yes, i do!! it's so if u want to follow me, there you go ....... and this is the vid i was hesitant on posting so, but hopefully it's still enjoyable!!

    as always, if there are any errors within the lyrics or video in general, please tell me in the comments!! thank, stay street


  • Gloria
    Gloria  7 hours ago

    The birds work for the bourgeoisie

  • No Name
    No Name  yesterday +2

    I keep listening tto this song and i keep looking at the comments and seeing they are all the same just made me feel like going home and seeing the usual thing I see with the music and everything makes me sad happy emotional and confusing positive feelings meeting old people I always met but none of them notice me but I am still somehow happy seeing them
    I don't know why but still things are all I the same place they are in.
    As I am writing this i don't even know if people are going to notice me but still happy to see people's comments
    Listening to the song... Stay alive frens.

  • twenty øne weasleys


  • Graham Bailey
    Graham Bailey  2 days ago

    hello my fellow twenty one plotters

  • waterlily.
    waterlily.  2 days ago +3

    ... the birds work for the bourgeoisie

  • Susan Kairn
    Susan Kairn  2 days ago

    So random question, why are people so obsessed with this band? I mean I get it, i love they’re music, but I don’t wanna lick their semen from the ground they walk on. And I’m not gonna refer to the singer like we’re on a first name basis either

  • Unnamed Fetus
    Unnamed Fetus  2 days ago

    The birds work for the bourgeoisie.

  • Følina Sahlø
    Følina Sahlø  3 days ago

    Pixie and Angel

  • Shania Laguna
    Shania Laguna  4 days ago

    I was listening to this is class and this guy looked at my screen and was like " twenty one pilots inst even that deep" and i was just :/

  • Veittion
    Veittion  7 days ago +1

    I'm lowkey addicted to this song

  • Cheyenne Watkins
    Cheyenne Watkins  7 days ago


  • Jack Gruber and The New Northerners

    If they are flightless, how did they get up there...

  • Nicholas bourbaki
    Nicholas bourbaki  7 days ago +2

    Jenna is going to give birth and stuff 💛

  • Ruby Roblox
    Ruby Roblox  7 days ago +1

    Birds that don't fly: Chickens(Kinda), Peinguin

    And "Island'" **Like a isle I guess?**: Antartica

    Where are Penguins*?: *ANTARTICA

    It's Peinguins*. Don't trust *Penguins

  • John Marsh
    John Marsh  7 days ago +1

    Anyone remember the animation "Kiwi"?

  • • Pastel-Astrøid •

    when you find out your cousin is part of the clique: happy bird noises

  • Mel Vin
    Mel Vin  7 days ago

    Ohhh the beat in the beginning!!!! 😭😍

  • Colosco
    Colosco  7 days ago

    Btw if you suicidal watch How I met your mother on Netflix it’ll cheer you up

  • Colosco
    Colosco  7 days ago

    I really like 0:40

  • Kotrepia
    Kotrepia  14 days ago

    Si ponen la velocidad en 1.5 en el minuto 2:14 es una locura lo bien que queda