How GameStop Lost $673 Million | Untangled

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • Is GameStop going out of business? Well, not yet, but things aren't looking good for one of the biggest video game retailers. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all sell their games digitally. Console gamers still prefer physical games but that won't always be the case. If GameStop doesn't figure out how to boost sales in a digital world it could meet the same fate as Blockbuster.

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    How GameStop Lost $673 Million | Untangled


  • Tech Insider
    Tech Insider  4 months ago +8

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  • MiniDonut
    MiniDonut  7 days ago

    It's also convenient to have everything digitally. Saves a lot of space. I remember when I had a Playstation 2, I used to have 100's of games and cases littered in my living room. From Medal of honor games to Call of duty, Dragon ball z games. The problem with going digital is that you don't actually own the game. For example, if you get your Xbox account banned but you still have the game disc you can play it on another account or console, saving cash. But let's say you have a steam account and you buy a 60$ game and you get your account banned. You literally lost 60$ and you can't do anything about it.

  • Boxing Proff
    Boxing Proff  14 days ago

    They pay chum change for your games, then they turn around and sell them at a premium price. Not cool.

  • BanyMany
    BanyMany  a months ago +1

    I mean we could buy consoles at gamestop but not game discs and others...

  • Michael Omalley
    Michael Omalley  a months ago

  • Aaron Blith
    Aaron Blith  2 months ago

    Which means I could hack more games for free

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie
    Subscribe to PewDiePie  3 months ago +2

    They tried giving me $2.04 for my 4 day old uncharted 4 game

  • castlev1986
    castlev1986  4 months ago

    game stop should just make their own console.

  • bitTorrenter
    bitTorrenter  4 months ago

    I don't mind discs but I wish I didn't have to have it in the drive after installing. Disc free isn't such a bad idea but I like the XBox One X's 4K player.

  • WiFi Gaming
    WiFi Gaming  4 months ago

    I preferred physical copies over digital copies so i can increase my game collection.

  • Israel Barrera
    Israel Barrera  4 months ago

    I never buy game from gamestop. Just beat the game before 7 days and you can return the game get your money.

  • blue Two
    blue Two  4 months ago

    Me: Sells A Nintendo switch mint condition, 20+ games and PS4 controller to gamestop.
    Gamestop: That will be 6 dollars and 37 cents
    Me: That's it?
    Gamestop: Oh wait it can be more, It could be 6 doars and 39 cents if you have it in store credit.
    Me: Doesn't even talk, Makes face and leaves with my stuff.

  • Brighton Chou
    Brighton Chou  4 months ago

    game stop means no more games. the name says it.

  • Hunter Hurt
    Hunter Hurt  4 months ago

    Also Facebook Marketplace has made buying and selling used games way easier without GameStop as a middle man. I bought Read Dead 2 from a guy yesterday for $20. Had GameStop been involved. He would have gotten $10 and I would have paid $40

  • Jeremiah Alexander
    Jeremiah Alexander  4 months ago +4

    You wanna know what happen

    People got tired of bringing in 40+ games and getting 40 or less

  • Iced T
    Iced T  4 months ago

    That's what those dirt bags get for their disgustingly greedy trade in policy they had. Those ass fucks are the biggest modern day pirates. I havent stepped foot in a gamestop since they last raped me about 8 years ago.

  • CaptainChaos88
    CaptainChaos88  4 months ago

    I remember reading articles on how great GameStop was doing....

  • Octane !
    Octane !  4 months ago

    Rather buy pre own game

    JORLANDO93  4 months ago

    Let’s be honest, most people have grown up over the years and don’t have time to play video games from sun up to sun down anymore. Life happens and reality is the only thing that is REAL!!

  • Lonely Chameleon
    Lonely Chameleon  4 months ago

    Oh awful...