twenty one pilots - Regional at Best Tour Part 02 (Episode 07 - Regional at Best: The Web Series)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 7, 2011
  • Episode 07 - "Regional at Best Tour Part 02"twenty one pilots and Reel Bear Media present "Regional at Best: The Web Series."Tyler and Josh spend a day off at Lake Michigan.Subscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #RegionalAtBest #BehindTheScenes #bts #FueledByRamen


  • Saylor Nuckolls
    Saylor Nuckolls  3 years ago +2221

    a Michigan beach to you is not a Michigan beach to me

  • MusiKube
    MusiKube  2 years ago +928

    “A beach in Michigan… is all about the commodity. It’s what you make it. And if you make the right decisions, a beach in Michigan can actually be a good decision. Okay?
    So just grab a pack of tacos, grab a tall boy of some sort of lemonade, and just, y’know, drink in the fact that you’re on a beach… in Michigan. ‘Cause the waves suck, man the waves suck.
    Cheers to Michigan. Where the sand is hot, the sun is shining, the tacos are flying down the throats and the tall boys are getting warmer, and little kids are watching me talk; how are you doing?
    ‘Cause there’s nothing like being on a beach in Michigan. You have the opportunity to wear sunglasses that make everything actually brighter. But you know what? I look cool, and that's why I'm here! I'm here to make sure everyone knows I'm a cool guy.
    I'm confident enough to wear a button-down shirt on a beach in Michigan; I'm also confident enough to wear shorts that are way too short, on a beach in Michigan. And socks... forget about it. I will roll with whatever socks I grab first… on a beach… in Michigan.
    That’s what I love about this place. Y’know, they accept you for who you are. You wanna dream big you dream big! You wanna be a beach, but you’re in Michigan? You be a beach, Michigan Beach. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.”

  • Grace Mattison
    Grace Mattison  2 years ago +1289

    I find Tylers speech in this more inspiring than his speeches during trees.

  • madgninja
    madgninja  2 years ago +488

    Tyler is all deep
    Josh wants another taco

  • talia
    talia  2 years ago +250

    only 90s kids will remember josh's bare arms

    MEMES KEEP PEOPLE ALIVE  3 years ago +2137

    Kid: watches Tyler talks
    Tyler: ......and little kids are watching me talk, how are you doing
    Kids: turns away and runs*

  • sophie
    sophie  2 years ago +297

    Josh isn't even fazed by what Tyler is saying lmao

  • jackson harris
    jackson harris  2 years ago +637

    "Grab a tall boy of some sort of lemonade" AM I THE ONLY ONE CRYING LAUGHING

  • Swiftie.BlurryFace.13 _
    Swiftie.BlurryFace.13 _  2 years ago +467

    I need a shirt that says 'On a beach.... in Michigan

    XØLeATHERMOUTH  2 years ago +519

    This video should be called "Twenty One Pilots: On A Beach In Michigan (also Tyler is a cool guy and josh is there too)"

  • L
    L  3 years ago +1435

    Ty: ...and little kids are watching me talk, how are you doing?
    Kid: whispers Daddy, the strange man is talking to me.
    Dad: Just keep walking, Billy.

  • Vaishnavi Singh
    Vaishnavi Singh  2 years ago +280

    Take a shot everytime Tyler says Michigan or beach.

  • Marlee Williamson
    Marlee Williamson  2 years ago +263


  • Ashley Forrest
    Ashley Forrest  3 years ago +110

    isnt it funny to think that in this point in time tyler and josh have only been playing music together for a little over a month yet there they are, on a beach in michigan, eating tacos side by side? their friendship is a truly extraordinary one and i hope it lasts forever

  • *lost in reverie*
    *lost in reverie*  a years ago +64

    secretly hopes that kid is a fan now

  • Nisot
    Nisot  2 years ago +132

    josh without tattoos and abs but he is still hot and cute at the same time... HOW??

  • Paris
    Paris  2 years ago +77

    josh is sitting there eating his taco bell like "wow tyler's back at it again"

  • ryansramen
    ryansramen  2 years ago +427

    Tyler: If you wanna be a beach...then you be a beach!
    Me: ~tries to be a beach~'s not working I quit

  • peepee
    peepee  2 years ago +56

    IM One HOuR aWAy FrOM ThAt dAmN BeAcH

  • GooeyGuts
    GooeyGuts  3 years ago +1186

    me: goes to michigan to lick sand
    mom: wyd
    me: tyler and josh were on this sand
    me: in michigan