Galaxy J6 and J8: Discover true to life color

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • Look on the bright side with the vibrant and beautiful display. Discover true-to-life color with Super AMOLED Infinity Display on the Galaxy J6 and J8.
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  • Tashadory  (Jul 19, 2018))

    Just replaced my iphone with an s9 not dissapointed

  • Naji Kaskas  (Aug 1, 2018))

    Slayer Drago To be honest all of the smartphone companies are greedy and theifs wether it was sumsung, apple or any other phone company, they just want your cash.And here you are standing with a companey that will never benifits you, just get a life and stop calling people sumsung or apple fanboys ..

  • Diaz  (Jul 19, 2018))

    super amoled 🔥🔥

  • everyone buy samsung  (Jul 19, 2018))

    Samsung will not slow phone down

  • Novo Cartoon  (Aug 17, 2018))

    everyone buy samsung you will be always wrong!!!! Apple's sales is sooooo big!!!! Didn't you see the 1 trillion of sales in Apple??? Blind!

  • Criticalz  (Jul 26, 2018))

    《 Angus 》 why? I mean it's freaking better than apple lol

  • Jake The Føx  (Jul 19, 2018))

    Super amoled display... But no ambient light sensor ;-;

  • Alex Whitton  (Jul 19, 2018))

    My grandfather just got a galaxy J2 pro today and he loves it.🤗

  • BKY HIGHLIGHTS  (Sep 15, 2018))

    Me to

  • mazinkaizer0  (Jul 19, 2018))

    Dear Samsung, please stop coming up with new ways for me to lose my phone 😅.

  • Alexander Chandler  (Jul 20, 2018))

    Yes, I need this 750 dollar piece of carpet.

  • MLG R8DR805  (Jul 25, 2018))

    Alexander Chandler More like 300, dumbass.

  • jaasi 4444  (Jul 23, 2018))

    India j7 2105 7.0 update date release please coming soon please update first

  • DOMAN SAHU  (Jul 28, 2018))


  • iGam3rPro  (Jul 19, 2018))


  • quantum chicken  (Jul 19, 2018))

    Discover color With a 720p panel idts...😒

  • MLG R8DR805  (Aug 5, 2018))

    Malique Gamer You think I don't know that?

  • Malique Gamer  (Aug 4, 2018))

    MLG R8DR805 lets be real a 720p amoled is better than a 1080p LCD don't let the resolution fool you