Two brothers inherit a lifetime collection, see what they have! | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 69

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 4, 2019
  • Hunting for old Cars is all about connections, finding people who know people who can give you any lead they can think of. In this case, Tom heads to a familiar part of North Carolina where he has hunted before, he reached out to a former guest of "Barn Find Hunter" and he tells Tom about two brothers who have an eclectic collection of cars that were left to them by their Father. It turned out to be a great lead!

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  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner  2 days ago


  • Mike G
    Mike G  2 days ago

    That 62' at 6:42 though....

  • Rich A
    Rich A  6 days ago

    20k for that Buick grand national LOL!

  • April Butler
    April Butler  7 days ago


  • Rudy Ruelas
    Rudy Ruelas  7 days ago

    What were they asking for the 62 thunderbird?

  • mark beals
    mark beals  7 days ago

    Would have been super cool to meet the father that built that business, he must have had quite a passion and love for cars

  • eugene strawberry

    dude prices too high

  • Thomas Beaver
    Thomas Beaver  7 days ago

    Back in high school my buddy's father had a mint original 67 mercury cougar GT that he got from his grandfather. It sat in the driveway because his garage was full of stuff. People would come up and offer him money for it all the time. Last I heard its still sitting in his driveway but now its completely trashed. Its been rotting for about 15 years.

  • Bill Denton
    Bill Denton  7 days ago +2

    It's horrible these old guys just let the cars rot. God knows what vermin have done to the wiring and other soft materials. The owner is more of an automotive crypt keeper than any any kind of collector. The guys who hoard vehicles like this are keeping automotive concentration camps...contentedly watching them waste away. Creepy and Disgusting. Like those cat ladies who have 60 cats in their home and many are starving or diseased. I love it when he says he "restored" a car, yeah right. The host of the show sure has embarrassing gaps in auto knowledge. ID-ing the T-Bird as a '64??? Really? And then thinks it's a 410 ci engine???? That was a Mercury 66-67 engine...the bullet Bird he was looking at was produced from '61-'63 and all that was offered in them during that period was the 390. Anyone who knows Fords at all would know that.

  • deatra locklear
    deatra locklear  7 days ago

    Nothing worth stopping to look at.

  • Francisco Crisantos

    It's a definitive beauty of cars

  • Harold Briggs
    Harold Briggs  14 days ago

    Man amazing cars I could spend days here lol

  • JMH
    JMH  14 days ago

    It's doubtful that he sells ANYTHING before he dies.. (at which point, the entire lot will be liquidated for 5 cents on the $ )

  • Rich McIntyre
    Rich McIntyre  14 days ago

    Does anyone know if all of the Packard/Merlin engines were built in Detroit or somewhere else as well? I know that Continental made some as well. That Merlin engine made the P51 what it was, much to Allison's dismay. I've heard that they were going to put the Merlin in the P38 but Allison lobbied against that and won. Too bad because it seems that the Merlin was the better engine. The Allison with Lindberg's method of running the engine lean in the P38 did very well though. Lindberg's changes increased the P38s range dramatically.

  • Rich McIntyre
    Rich McIntyre  14 days ago

    Notice the hood is rusted through where it was covered and not where it wasn't, that is why you should never lay a cover directly on anything you want to preserve. A cover traps moisture and accelerates decay. Just my opinion I'm sure others may disagree.

  • Bad Xerge
    Bad Xerge  14 days ago

    If you want your cars to sell at those prices you need to keep them original and in good condition

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell  14 days ago +1

    The Crestliner price was about right.

  • Jim Ellinger
    Jim Ellinger  14 days ago

    not much for a LIFETIME of collecting   ?

  • Rusty Shakleford
    Rusty Shakleford  14 days ago

    Looks like they just took down a bunch of big old advertising signs off that barn in back of them on the closing shot. Selling off our kids inheritance, lol!!! These guys are funny and I bet they've got plenty of local racing history tales to boot!!! Be a nice segment to do, old bench racing stories,cuz unless they're documented,we lose that history with every passing elder,sadly. Much like these old beautys to rot,rust and the crusher. Thanks again Tom and crew!!!!

  • Erik Salter
    Erik Salter  14 days ago +2

    These are all just hoarders.....he died not having done anything with the cars and these two will repeat the pattern....