Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat Part 16



  • Testsubject541  (Sep 27, 2018))

    You guys can take the mustang and the corvette and Thomas can take the Hell Cat

  • Testsubject541  (Sep 29, 2018))

    Jose Rodriguez drag strip

  • Jose Rodriguez  (Sep 27, 2018))

    Take all of that where?

  • I’ve been doing body work for over 20 years and would just like to tell you guys how impressed I am with both of you. I can see how y’all improve on each new project good job guys. I’m not that far from y’all I’m close to Atlanta so if y’all ever need any advice on any project just contact me I’ll be glad to help if I can.

  • Blair Aquilia  (Sep 27, 2018))

    scott nolan colab with them

  • Greys  (Sep 28, 2018))

    "man this.." *slaps m&m's down* "man where'd you get them" LOL I always find the little random things so funny

  • Rocco N April  (Sep 29, 2018))

    Agreed! ...and the Thomas clips

  • Alexlol  (Sep 27, 2018))

    I’m not feeling the carbon fiber hood, eh doesn’t flow with everything else imo

  • Gerald Stein  (Oct 1, 2018))

    I have to say I agree with you there. Perhaps if it were flat black it would fit better.

  • thebigdustin  (Sep 27, 2018))

    I love your guys content, I just have 1 small problem with it. Its just me.. my OCD. My need for things to be clean. But when you guys put panels together, or put the lights, door panels, fenders, bumpers, anything. I can just see that stuff wasnt cleaned before being put back. Last episode when you guys put the rear end together killed me when you put the tail lights in but they were dirty all over, then you put the cover pieces over top of them, insuring they will be forever dirty. Again, its just me...

  • Xtreme Baruj  (Sep 27, 2018))

    Algún latino por aquí?

  • Joel T  (Dec 25, 2018))

    siiii, de Puerto Rico

  • Lion  (Dec 7, 2018))

    No. They are trump supporters so no other race but Americans here lol

  • mics67  (Sep 27, 2018))

    "Dang Son" Just buy a new battery! tired of seeing you guys deal with the dead

  • Jelsick  (Sep 30, 2018))

    But its 150 bucks! 😃

  • mics67  (Sep 29, 2018))

    I've been a mechanic since 1987. I know what harm and strain a dead battery puts on the system. Buy a New Battery!

  • anfernee Stewart  (Sep 27, 2018))

    I think the mustang, Corvette and hellcat sound better than the blue Jeep.

  • anfernee Stewart  (Sep 28, 2018))

    +Sutliff01 exactly

  • Sutliff01  (Sep 27, 2018))

    anfernee Stewart why would they not they are v8s and the Jeep isn’t

  • Mills Mcafee  (1 day ago))

    How much for all this I just wreaked mines

  • JaydenK245  (Sep 28, 2018))

    You should do a camaro zl1